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10 Things We Love About the CoolWallet S

It being Valentine’s Day, today we celebrate the special relationship between the CoolWallet S and our customers.

Here are 10 reasons why, according to our users, the CoolWallet is the best Bluetooth hardware wallet for everyday use.

1. Cold Storage, On the Go

coolwallet S -everyday hardware wallet for crypto

                                  It’s a cccoooold wallet.

Cryptocurrency exchanges breaking your heart and cheating on you? These hacks and scams  won’t stop until digital exchanges are better regulated.

Our cold storage wallet keeps your digital assets safe and goes everywhere you go. You retain full control and security  at all times.

2.  The Most Secure Element (CCEAL5+)

The CoolWallet S  Secure Element adheres to the highest industry standard, namely CCEAL5+.(Evaluation Assurance Level Common Criteria).

What separates us from other hardware wallets is that all private keys are stored and transactions signed within our secure element, not your mobile phone or any vulnerable component.

3. Effortless (Encrypted) Bluetooth

It’s 2019.

A hardware wallet should connect wirelessly and safely with your phone. The safest option? Bluetooth. We’ve known this since we started in 2014.

Long before some of our competitors finally realized that Bluetooth is the next big thing for crypto hardware wallets.

Our users love our military-grade encrypted Bluetooth encryption that works seamlessly and securely with your phone app.

4.  2+1 Factor Authentication

The CoolWallet S adds an additional layer to 2FA security to give our uses extra peace of mind.

We require a mix of biometric, software and physical verifications to confirm any transaction.

Users do a visual check and physical confirmation (button press)  of the wallet address on the card’s little e-paper screen to ensure that your funds are going where you intend it to.

In the unlikely case that you’ve installed a compromised app version from a malicious source, you’ll immediately notice it.

Reminder: Only download our official CoolBitX app from the Google Play and iOS App stores.

5. It’s Tamper-proof

The CoolWallet S looks and feels like a credit card. It’s wafer-thin and flat. You can’t open it, unlike USB hardware wallets.

Most USB hardware wallets are susceptible to supply chain attacks, where third parties open the device and modify it, because they have extra space on their boards.


coolwallet secure element

The CoolWallet has no space to add any hardware, and moreover, our compression technology ensures that any attempt to tamper with or open our card will result in an unseemly mess that will be immediately visible to the naked eye.

6.  It Fits In Your Actual Wallet

Hardware Wallet Mobility

Shouldn’t a hardware wallet be as portable as an actual wallet?

The slim ColdWallet fits neatly inside a personal wallet or purse.  It’s discreet and looks like a normal credit card.

This means you can take this cold storage wallet everywhere with you and trade, send and receive crypto it on the go, without anyone even noticing.

7.  It’s Super Durable (and Waterproof!)

The CoolWallet S is designed for everyday use. It’s built to last.

This blockchain smart card is completely waterproof and flexible. You don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning when you hit the beach or it hits your washing machine by accident.

Ask yourself this: Would you trust any other cold hardware wallet to still work after you’ve jumped in the pool?

8.  Our App – Check, Trade, Send & Receive Crypto

Our CoolBitX app only came out in 2018, and we’re constantly making it better.

Users can send and receive your crypto funds, check your balance, and exchange your digital assets through Changelly.

Remember, our wallet supports the  Big 5 of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC),  Ethereum (ETH),  Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), as well as ERC20 tokens.

We’ll be adding more premium coins in 2019. and have exciting new features coming in 2019 that will blow your mind. Watch this space.

9.  A Battery That Lasts 3 Months

The CoolWallet can last 3 months in standby mode on a single charge, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly charging the device.

Our card connects to a little USB docking station that recharges your mobile Bluetooth hardware wallet in no time.

10. The Screen

Aha. The card with the screen. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in crypto or how many gadgets you own.

When you press that little button on the CoolWallet S for the first time or the hundredth time, it just sends little chills of cool pleasure down your spine.Our display technology is patented and truly unique.

Hand it over to your family and friends and watch their faces and ensuing smiles when the “Hello” message pops up.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A CoolWallet S Duo!

Why not celebrate Valentine’s day by treating yourself and your loved one to a CoolWallet S?


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CoolWallet S Team

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