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The Origin Story

How a personal mission has helped 150,000+ customers to invest in secure digital assets with confidence.

Hi, I’m Michael Ou,  founder and CEO of CoolBitX, makers of the CoolWallet,  the world’s first and best mobile hardware wallet for digital assets.

I’m proud to say that traditional banking security is part of my family’s heritage. Smart Displayer, a company my father founded 20 years and which I now also run, is a listed Fintech security company that makes highly secure bank cards and works with companies like Apple, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We’ve sold over 10 million units since 2002 and hold 30 patents

When I discovered Bitcoin during an MBA lecture in 2013,  I knew nothing about blockchain and cryptocurrency, but I was immediately intrigued. I felt like I understood the purpose and potential of this new technology.  I got in touch with friends at a reputable Canadian consulting firm and dug deeper. Then, I formed a company.

2014 - CoolBitX and Mt. Gox

CoolBitX launched in early 2014, ready to change the world. A week later, hackers turned our world, the cryptocurrency industry, on its head, stealing over 450 million USD from Mt. Gox, the most popular crypto exchange.  This proved that connected or “hot” wallets would always be at risk. We knew now that we wanted to help cryptocurrency users better secure their assets, by keeping their personal data completely offline and in “cold” storage at all times, yet within reach if they needed access.

We weighed our options. The only cold storage options available at the time were USB hardware wallets, which came with their own drawbacks. They were clunky, required a tethered connection to a computer, and was designed to be hidden somewhere at home. They were vulnerable to supply-chain attacks, because criminals could open the device and tamper with it before it reaches the customer. They were not intuitive nor mobile-friendly.

An alternative was needed. We wanted to build a wafer-thin cold wallet which was highly secure, durable, worked without cables and was effortless to use.

Our family business had already perfected highly secure smart cards for traditional banking. I knew we could do the same for a blockchain hardware wallet.

2015 - IndieGoGo and the first CoolWallet

We went into lockdown mode until our prototype was ready. Over 180 supporters backed our Indiegogo campaign

Finally, the CoolWallet shipped. We thought we’d made it. Yet, soon problems and support tickets mounted. The product had its limitations, only storing Bitcoin. Our customers wanted and needed more options.

We iterated, improved and raised a $500,000 seed round to begin working on the CoolWallet’s next incarnation. A mobile cold wallet that could store more coins and was more energy-and-cost-efficient. 

2017 - The Upswing

In August 2017, we were battle-tested and ready, and started work on the CoolWallet S.

We knew exactly what our loyal community needed for the CoolWallet’s successor because they told us over and over again.

Our engineers and developers leveraged all of our experience collectively to reinvent the world’s best mobile cold wallet.

By early 2018, the CoolWallet S was a reality. And ready to ship.


It didn’t take long for the crypto community and investors to notice.

Interest started trickling in, then pouring in. Institutional investment finally followed.

In May 2018, SBI Holdings (previously Soft Bank) secured our future with a $13million  Series A strategic investment

In July 2018, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, liked our product enough to officially endorse it.

Today, we’ve shipped 150,000+ CoolWallets worldwide. Our small team is adding new faces each month.

Our first CoolWallet made my initial dream a reality: To build the world’s first secure mobile hardware wallet for digital assets.

The CoolWallet S then made it the best.

Our job is never done though. New competitors emerge, and hackers get smarter. It is the nature of technology. As the cryptocurrency industry evolves, so will we. So far in 2019, we’ve formed exciting new partnerships with industry leaders, and we’re constantly adding new features to improve functionality and store more digital assets.

Our mission remains the same: To help cryptocurrency owners own their digital assets as securely and conveniently as possible.


Meet The Team

Stephanie Liu

Chief Operating Officer

Jay Zhuang

Chief Technical Officer

David Tsai

EVP of Global Sales

Dora Chuang

Application Architect

Hank Liu

Senior Software Designer

Thomas Maxon

VP of Business Development

Quincy Chang

Full Stack Developer

Ray Yang

Full Stack Developer

Ed Liao

Software Designer

Fred Johnson

Blockchain Developer

Vince Lee

Product Manager

Andy Tsai

Brand Design Manager

Kirsten Chiu

Marketing Manager

Jo Lo

Marketing Manager

Nathan Chiang

UI/UX Designer

Anton Cheng

Full Stack Developer

Derek Tsai

Full Stack Developer

Yassin Yazal

Full Stack Developer

Grace Lin

Full Stack Developer

Michael Chen

Full Stack Developer

Werner Vermaak

Marketing Manager


Chief Door Officer

Kunming Liu

Android Developer

Jocy Hsiao

Full Stack Developer

Nora Liu

Full Stack Developer

Ben Tseng

QA Engineer

Simon Chen

Customer Relationship Manager

YuYu Hsieh

Administrative Assistant

Jessie Chen

Administrative Assistant

Yvonne Yu

Asst. To EVP of Global Sales

Json Liang

Full Stack Developer

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