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CoolBitX’s CoolWallet S Wins Prestigious Design Award

CoolBitX received a massive industry accolade this week, with our flagship product, the CoolWallet S, winning a prestigious international award.

CoolBitX was one of a few handpicked recipients of the Aite Group’s 2019 Digital Wallet Innovation Awards, with fellow winners including the likes of PayPal.

Our CoolWallet S, the successor to the world’s first Bluetooth hardware wallet for mobile phones, came out victorious in the ‘Product Design’ category during the Mobile Payments Conference in Chicago.

The awards announcement formed part of the 2019 Mobile Payments Conference in Chicago, an event that celebrates and recognizes the best digital wallet providers who make advancements in mobile commerce.

The industry kudos is an inspiring reward for the CoolBitX team and their unrelenting hard work over the last 2 years.

Aite Group Praises CoolWallet S’ Innovation

The Aite Group judges panel praised the CoolWallet S for its innovative technology, its contemporary (and future) solving of cryptocurrency users’ needs, and its ability to scale across a very diverse customer range.

The panel of external experts also commended CoolBitX for its pioneering technology and ambitious company roadmap.

Thad Peterson, senior analyst at Aite Group, had the following to say:

Thad Peterson, Aite Group (Source: Twitter)

Digital wallets play a key role in the evolution of the payment ecosystem. This year, we have seen an exclusion of innovation and we are glad to be able to recognize CoolWallet S in this year’s awards.

Our panel of external experts on digital payments and wallets picked CoolWallet S for its innovation, its fit with current and future market needs, and its scalability across its customer base. While the win is not an endorsement by Aite Group, the technology behind the product and the company’s roadmap is very exciting to our panel.”

Thad Peterson

CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou thanks team

“This year marks the five year anniversary of CoolBitX and to receive recognition from a well-known organization such as Aite Group for our efforts to date in providing a user-friendly, secure, and well-designed product to consumers is an incredible milestone for us.

With the high level of competition in this year’s awards, being recognized as a leader in product design for digital wallets confirms that the energy necessary to bring CoolWallet S to market has been well-spent. I am very thankful for my incredible team who have made the past five years of CoolBitX’s possible. This award has reaffirmed our dedication to continued innovation in user-friendly wallet services.”

Michael Ou, CoolBitX CEO

About CoolWallet S

The CoolWallet S was released in early 2018 as the successor to the first-generation CoolWallet (for Bitcoin storage only).

The size of an ATM card that you could fit inside your real wallet, the revolutionary hardware wallet was crammed with incredible technology inside a wafer-thin, tamperproof body. It made an immediate splash with crypto users… and not only because it’s also waterproof.

From a crypto-security perspective, The CoolWallet S is a BLE hardware wallet designed for completely offline use with mobile phones via its intuitive app (iOS/Android). The hardware wallet’s Secure Element (CC EAL5+) ensures that the user’s private key is completely offline and protected at all times, and only verifies and signs transaction data over military-grade encrypted Bluetooth.

The CoolWallet’s supported CoolBitX App allows users to send, receive and trade virtual assets anywhere, anytime and is integrated with Binance DEX and Changelly, as well as a TokenSwap feature for users to trade ERC20 tokens on their own terms.

CoolWallet S’ supported cryptocurrencies

CoolWallet S allows its users to store and protect the most premium virtual assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Horizen (ZEN), Icon (ICX), ERC20 tokens as well as the best stablecoins available, such as Gemini (GUSD), Tether Omni (USDT), True USD (TUSD) and Circle (USDC).

CoolBitX continue to innovate with new features

CoolBitX continues to innovate and is constantly adding new integrations to CoolWallet S, building the CoolWallet brand and meeting the demands of the ever-growing digital asset market.

Not known for resting on their laurels, CoolWallet S fans can expect the CoolBitX team to continue to keep innovating and improving both the functionality and security of this incredibly convenient cold storage device.

Less than 2 weeks ago, CoolBitX announced a new PIN code feature for their CoolBitX app that will protect the privacy of users’ portfolio from other phone users.

Next up is another groundbreaking new feature that will help CoolWallet S users recover their wallets in the case of a compromised phone by restoring the seed completely independently from their mobile device. The feature should be released within the next couple of weeks.

To request additional information about Aite Group’s Digital Wallet Innovation Awards, please contact [email protected].

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