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​​CoolWallet and ChangeHero Partner Up For Easy Crypto Swaps

The CoolWallet team has partnered with ChangeHero to offer you a safe crypto exchange option that enables you to swap multiple crypto assets speedily and effortlessly. The partnership with ChangeHero allows for their exchange to be baked right into our app. This means that all crypto to crypto exchanges can be done without leaving the app and customers can use their CoolWallet to sign for the transactions. Exchange rates and transaction fees can also be compared in the exchange page.

What is ChangeHero?

ChangeHero is a cryptocurrency exchange that is both reliable and most important of all, instant. Coin to coin exchanges as well as fiat to crypto exchanges are supported. Also, crypto-to-crypto exchanges do not require any sign-up or login. Competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees make ChangeHero a great solution for those in the crypto community. 

To learn more about ChangeHero, you can check out their Twitter, Facebook, Telegram group, or the ChangeHero subreddit.

How do I use ChangeHero with the CoolWallet app?

ChangeHero is now fully integrated with CoolWallet!

What is ChangeHero?

To enable users to invest in cryptocurrencies and swap painlessly, ChangeHero acts as an instant cryptocurrency broker that allows users to convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 100 crypto assets fast and seamlessly. The services provided by ChangeHero are non-custodial. We will talk more about the benefits of using a non-custodial service later.

Founded in 2017, ChangeHero keeps increasing supported crypto assets and improving the performance of the platform. In 2021, ChangeHero reached 1.2 million visits and enabled 900K successful transactions.

What is a Non-Custodial Exchange Platform?

ChangeHero is a non-custodial crypto exchange platform, which is different from custodial exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase. Non-custodial exchange platforms like ChangeHero do not keep users’ cryptocurrency. The result of a swap is sent directly to the user’s wallet. 

As a non-custodial crypto exchange platform only acts as a middleman between the traditional cryptocurrency exchanges and users without holding assets, users do not need to go through a custodial entity and can thus truly keep control of their crypto.

Furthermore, since a non-custodial crypto exchange platform does not store users’ funds, it is very difficult for hackers to find a security breach. The mechanism secures users’ private data and makes ChangeHero a safe crypto exchange option. 

Why should I use ChangeHero with the CoolWallet App?

To secure your digital assets during the crypto exchange journey,  CoolWallet and ChangeHero collaborate on the integrated solution that enables you to painlessly swap your crypto directly from and to your CoolWallet.

Advanced security technology to ensure your crypto exchange journey safe

CoolBitX has dedicated itself to strengthening the security technologies of CoolWallet. When dealing with crypto exchanges via the CoolWallet App, you can enjoy our advanced security technologies such as encrypted Bluetooth connection (AES 256 military-grade)  and 2+1 factor authentication (biometric and physical verification of all transactions via the app and card). Since your private key is permanently locked inside CoolWallet Pro’s EAL6+ secure element, your digital assets are not exposed to hacks and scams.

The integrated crypto exchange solution is developed by two non-custodial systems, CoolWallet and ChangeHero. As both CoolWallet and ChangeHero do not hold your digital assets, you can truly keep control of your crypto without going through a custodial entity. All crypto to crypto exchanges can be done without leaving the CoolBitX App and you can simply use your CoolWallet to sign for the transactions. This mechanism allows you to stay secure from hack and scams and protect your personal information.

Two kinds of real-time rates for choice

CoolBitX also integrates both floating exchange rate and fixed exchange rate options from ChangeHero, allowing you to easily compare different offers for decision-making in CoolWallet App. The transaction amount will change depending on the market condition if you choose a floating exchange rate. Meanwhile, if you decide to trade with a fixed exchange rate, your amount will remain the same during a certain period irrespective of the changes in the market. Since the fixed rate updates every 15 minutes, you can make an exchange at a preferred rate with certainty. 

Because market fluctuations can become beneficial or disappointing in a very short time, traders who choose a floating exchange rate may receive less than expected or more than expected. As for those who choose a fixed exchange rate, they know how much they are going to receive from the very beginning. Since stability implies higher fees, the fixed exchange rates are usually set lower than the floating exchange rate.

If you hold a CoolWallet on hand, you can now make an exchange with its slim and mobile design. The security mechanism of the CoolWallet App enables you to enjoy the crypto world in a safe environment.

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide for Crypto Exchange via ChangeHero below and kickstart your crypto hero’s journey 🙂

Step-by-Step Guide To Exchange Crypto via ChangeHero

ChangeHero has been fully integrated into the CoolWallet’s Marketplace! Here’s how to use this awesome crypto exchange in our app.

Let’s go on a crypto exchange journey! In this guide, you will learn how to exchange crypto via ChangeHero in the CoolWallet App step by step.

Step 1. Download the latest CoolWallet App and have your CoolWallet card ready. Open your CoolWallet App and click the “Marketplace” icon in the bottom bar.

Download on the App Store

Download on the Google play

Step 2. Scroll down and click the “Crypto Exchange” block. Then click the crypto type to select the crypto you want to pay.

Step 3. Select the coin/token types you want to pay and to get by clicking the down arrows beside the crypto icons. Please make sure that you choose the token on the correct chain. For example, you can find USDT on both Ethereum and Arbitrum. If you want to exchange the USDT on Ethereum, you need to select the USDT icon with a small Ethereum icon, or check the chain name below the token name. 

Step 4. Enter the amount of the crypto you want to pay and the estimated receiving amount of crypto will automatically show up. Though CoolWallet helps you to select the third-party service provider with the best exchange rate, you can still choose the service provider you prefer.

Step 5. If you have multiple addresses in CoolWallet, you can click the down arrow to switch to other addresses.

Step 6. Click “Exchange” to the “Transaction Confirmation” page. You can view the transaction process and click the down arrow to check the address details again. Click the “Confirm and Pay” button for the authorization process.

Step 7. A notice will pop up. Click “OK” to continue and long-press the button on your CoolWallet card to activate it. You will see “Hello” showing up on the small screen on your card.

Step 8. Check whether your CoolWallet card is successfully connected to the CoolWallet App. Then a notice will pop up to instruct the following process. You need to press the button on your CoolWallet card to confirm the type of crypto and the amount to send out. After you finish the authorization process, “sent” will show up on your CoolWallet card screen. 

Congratulations! You have successfully exchanged your crypto via ChangeHero!

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