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Icon(ICX), Omni USDT & XYO now supported by CoolWallet S

CoolWallet is proud to announce today that our CoolWallet S mobile Bluetooth hardware wallet now officially supports an additional three cryptocurrencies, Icon (ICX), Tether(USDT) and XY Oracle (XYO).

Omni Tether (USDT) – now supported by CoolWallet S

Up to now, the CoolWallet S has only supported the Ethereum-based ERC20 version of Tether. In order to better integrate with exchanges such as Binance (both the centralized exchange and the Binance DEX which connects to the CoolWallet), we’re now offering native support for the Bitcoin-based USDT built on the Omni protocol layer.

Despite its recent legal troubles and controversial track record, USDT is still a vital stablecoin in the crypto industry.

Please make sure you read our short explainer guide that highlights transaction fees and a couple of limitations associated with Omni Tether (USDT).

Icon (ICX) – now supported by CoolWallet S

ICON is a popular blockchain and network framework designed by its eponymous Korean company to allow independent blockchains to connect with each other. It’s supported by the cryptocurrency ICX. Learn more here.

XY Oracle (XYO) – now supported by CoolWallet S

The XYO Network is a decentralized location network that enables devices and protocols to verify layered locations and uses its cryptocurrency XYO to function.

XYO is based on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token to let users “call out” for specific queries that revolve around location requests. Learn more here.

How to Add ICX, Omni USDT and XYO to the CoolWallet S and App

new coolwallet coins icx usdt xyo

To add these coins and tokens to your CoolWallet app and CoolWallet S, do the following:

Step 1: Update Your App

Open your CoolBitX Crypto app on your mobile phone and update your app in the IOS or Google Play store. (Please check that’s it the authentic version of the app). After it has finished downloading, fire up your brand-spanking new CoolBitX app.

Step 2: Update your CoolWallet S firmware

Insert your CWS into its charger and connect the charger to a power source (computer/ USB plug), then follow the instruction prompts on the app. It may take a few minutes to update your hardware wallet, so don’t stress.

How to activate Omni USDT and ICX on the CoolWallet & App

Relax – The heavy lifting’s already been done for you!

Both the ICX and Omni USDT tickers should automatically display on our Wallet section in your app IF you’ve previously updated both the app and CoolWallet successfully (see the previous 2 steps). Start to trade, send and receive your ICX and Omni USDT with other users, Changelly and Binance DEX.

How to activate XYO (ERC20 token) on CoolWallet S and App

The XY Oracle cryptocurrency is an ERC20 token that you’ll have to manually add in “Setting(s)”, but luckily it only takes a few seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings>Currency>Coin Display (remember to scroll down).

2. In Coin Display, scroll down and toggle the “XYO- XY Oracle” button to yellow (activated).

3. Press the back key and return to the Wallet section. You should now see also see the XY Oracle ticker if you scroll down to the bottom.

Aaand you’re done.

Your favorite coin not supported? Let us know… and please be patient 🙂

At CoolBitX we love to hear our users’ feedback and we honestly try to incorporate as many new digital assets as possible. However, safety and stability come first for us above everything else, which is why we don’t cut corners around our industry-leading security standards.

coolwallet interior components

Due to the CoolWallet’s unique and compact slimline design (which makes it essentially tamperproof), we need to gradually add new coins and exhaustively test them to avoid complications.

While we don’t have all the most popular digital assets supported as of yet, we can assure you, we’re working hard on it.

Head over to our Support pages if you have any specific questions or problems with adding these new cryptocurrencies.

Happy trading!

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