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Orderly X CoolWallet Trading Extravaganza

News Flash:
Orderly Network Extends The Road to The Order, Increasing Airdrop Token Allocation

Trading Futures on the CoolWallet App can increase your chances of receiving Orderly Network airdrops, and you also have the opportunity to win the prizes below.
Click here to check your Merits.

Participants who reach a minimum accumulative trading volume of US$100 will enter our draw for a 5 USDC airdrop, with 200 winners randomly selected.
Each participant has only one chance to win.

Participants who reach a US$5,000 accumulative trading volume qualify for the raffle, with 10 winners randomly selected to receive 200 USDC each per wallet.

If the total trading volume reaches US$1,000,000, the maximum reward pool will increase to 3,000 USDC for 15 winners.

Each US$5,000 traded earns one “entry ticket” to the raffle, increasing your chances to win more prizes. For an accumulated trading amount of US$10,000, you will receive 2 raffle tickets, and so on.

  1. Go to the Galxe campaign page
  2. Connect your wallet and switch your network to EVM mainnet
  3. Complete a minimum trading volume of US$100 to gain the chance to win airdrop
  4. Complete cumulative US$5,000 trading volume with any token through CoolWallet Perpetual Futures via Orderly
  5. Claim Orderly Galxe NFT
  1. Marketplace > Futures > Select Chains (Polygon, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum)
  2. Connect wallet > CoolWallet
  3. Sing twice: (1) Sign in (2) Enable Trading
  4. Deposit
  5. Start to buy/long

Q: I’ve traded US$100 but not reached didn’t receive the NFT. Am I still eligible to enter the draw to win US$5?

A: Yes, if you completed the first 4 tasks as the image below, you are still eligible. Orderly Network will filter participants who have reached a minimum cumulative trading volume of US$100 and have completed all required social media following tasks, then conduct the draw.

Yes, if you completed the first 4 tasks as the image below, you are still eligible.

Terms and Conditions

Campaign Modifications: CoolBitX and Orderly Network reserve the right to change or modify any terms and conditions at any time, at their sole discretion. Changes or modifications take effect immediately upon posting. By participating, you agree to waive any right to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications.

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