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Warning: Not Cool! Fake “Zeus X” is a Scam Card, Not Affiliated with CoolWallet

Dear CoolWallet Community,

So not cool:-( It’s been brought to our attention by a few of our alert supporters (thank you!) that there is an imposter card currently on the Internet that’s copied the CoolWallet’s design and is fraudulently posing as another company.

WARNING: CoolBitX and CoolWallet have no affiliation with the ZeusX wallet sold at bitexpay.cards.

For your safety, we strongly advise you to not visit this website, purchase any product or interact with them in any way.

Please be aware that the ZeusX card is a scam product that has either copied the CoolWallet’s design or is a complete Photoshop fabrication.

Zeus X vape

We are aware that there is a vape pen (e-cigaret) that is sold as the Zeux X vape. There seems to be no relationship between them and the company above.

Who’s behind this Scam Wallet?

It seems this fake site is impersonating another crypto company, Bitex Global. We cannot comment on the legitimacy of Bitex Global, which operates at https://bitex.global, but we will bring the matter to their attention and take it further. In the meantime, we advise our users and potential CoolWallet buyers to avoid both these domains.

How to Find a Legitimate CoolWallet S Retailer

Unfortunately, the crypto industry attracts many criminal hackers and con artists, so it’s important to always take extra safety precautions and always be vigilant with your digital assets.

If you have any doubts, please always refer to our Official Retailers page and contact our Customer Support.

Stay safe,

CoolWallet Team

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