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Stake DOT. Get 50 USDC Free!

Stake DOT. Get 50 USDC Free.

TBD – 2024.10.31 (UTC)

  • TBD – 2024.07.31: UNLIMITED
  • 2024.08.01 – 2024.08.31: 10 winners, first come first served
  • 2024.09.01 – 2024.09.30: 10 winners, first come first served
  • 2024.10.01 – 2024.10.31: 5 winners, first come first served
  1. Successfully create a new stake with an amount of DOT exceeding the minimum requirement via P2P.org on CoolWallet
  2. Keep staked DOT in the staking pool for at least 30 days

Note: Each address is eligible to win only once. Addresses that have already won are not eligible for further rewards in this campaign.

For example, if the A address of CoolWallet Pro CWP000001 successfully staked in July and kept the staked DOT in the staking pool for at least 30 days, the address owner would receive 50 USDC. If the B address of the same CoolWallet Pro successfully stakes again in September, the B address will not be eligible for the reward list in September.

Bonus 1 – Promo Code

Don’t have a CoolWallet Pro to stake DOT yet?

Use this 25% OFF promo code for CoolWallet Pro: p2pdot25

Bonus 2 – Win Additional 5 USDC

Participate in Galxe campaign to win additional USDC.

Click here to go to the Galxe Campaign Page.

Staking Time (UTC)Prize AnnouncementPrize Claim DeadlinePrize AirdropWinners
TBD – 2024.07.312024.09.052024.09.152024.09.20Unlimited
2024.08.01 – 2024.08.312024.10.052024.10.152024.10.2010 (FCFS)
2024.09.01 – 2024.09.302024.11.052024.11.152024.11.2010 (FCFS)
2024.10.01 – 2024.10.312024.12.052024.12.152024.12.205 (FCFS)
Each CoolWallet Pro is eligible to win only once in this marketing campaign. Once a CoolWallet Pro has made it to the reward list, it is no longer eligible to win again in this campaign.

Winners must fill out a form with accurate information for prize receipt. The form will be available on the campaign page at the time of the winner announcement. Required information includes:

  • Full Polkadot Address used for staking
  • Card Serial Number of CoolWallet Pro
  • Reward Receiving Wallet Address (must be on the BSC network)

The form must be submitted before the Prize Claim Deadline to ensure timely receipt of your prize. Delays in submitting your information could result in prize forfeiture.

To access the FAQ, tap on “Staking” from the Wallet page and refresh the data by scrolling down. Then, navigate to the “Staking” page in the “Marketplace,” select your desired coin, and click on the question mark in the top-right corner to read the FAQ.*At the time this post was created, the minimum amount required to stake DOT is 451.

Minimum Staking Requirements

Please complete only the initial “Chill” transaction and reject the “Unbond” transaction. If you proceed to unbond your DOT staking, be aware that you will have to wait for a 28-day unbonding period before you can withdraw your funds.

  • Address Requirements: Winners must provide a BSC address by the deadline mentioned above. Failure to do so, or providing an incorrect address, will result in forfeiture of the prize without replacement or reissue.
  • Campaign Modifications: CoolBitX reserves the right to change or modify any terms and conditions at any time, at their sole discretion. Changes or modifications take effect immediately upon posting. By participating, you agree to waive any right to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications.

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