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Warning: Fake Ledger and MEW Customer Support Phone Numbers are Phishing Scams

(Please note: CoolWallet does not have a customer support phone number)

With Bitcoin’s grateful return from the dead enticing a whole new Class of 2019 to dip their toes into crypto, hackers and scammers are now dusting off old tricks to target these inexperienced newcomers.

The latest scam involves websites impersonating Customer Support for Ledger and other cryptocurrency wallets like Trezor, Kraken, and MyEtherWallet (MEW) on the Internet. The catch? They rank very high on Google for legitimate searches.

At least one unlucky new crypto owner lost his whole investment after using Google to search for a Ledger Nano S customer service phone number (Hint: it doesn’t exist). He got swindled after revealing his private seed phrase to the phone scammers.

Warning: CoolWallet S does not provide any customer support via phone. Do not engage with anyone claiming otherwise.

We only offer customer support through:

  1. Our website coolwallet.io
  2. Our close-knit Telegram group

The Scam – Fake Ledger Customer Support Number

Apparently, websites are popping up that claim to be Ledger customer support websites. This follows the sophisticated recent Ledger Live phishing attacks that rely on fooling users into clicking on malicious email or web links that then install malware.

A Reddit user posted about his encounter with one of these fake sites after watching a Youtube video. He found the following:

Since then, we’ve investigated the matter further and can confirm that this website in question is still up and running. It gets worse.

Fake MEW/Kraken/Jaxx Customer Phone Support Scam

Unbelievably the CryptoPhoneSupport scam website also ranks nr 1 on Google for searches like “MEW phone support”.

(Warning: Do not visit this website or call these numbers. )

Not only does this website offer Ledger Customer Support, but it also claims it can help users of Trezor, MyEtherWallet (MEW), Kraken, Jaxx and many other wallets!

ledger jaxx mew kraken customer phone support scam

“Any user who gets in touch with these websites will be asked by a “customer support agent” to provide their private wallet data ( private key or seed recovery phrase). DON’T DO IT.

This is a SCAM!!

As soon as you divulge this information, you’re giving these criminals the keys to your kingdom- they can immediately access and steal your crypto assets within seconds.

While there seems to be a current controversy raging over this “new” phishing technique, a little research shows that it’s not new at all. In fact, Ledger warned their users against this very scamming method back in March 2018.

Please be careful if you’re new to cryptocurrencies, as the industry is rife with bad actors who will try to steal your future fortune by any means possible.

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