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CoolWallet Pro 1st Year Anniversary with our

Pizza Day Edition, Lucky Draws, and more!

Celebrating CoolWallet Pro
1st Year Anniversary with our

Pizza Day Edition, Lucky Draws, and more!

A year ago we launched the world’s most secure, thinnest, and easiest-to-use cold wallet, CoolWallet Pro. Over the last 12 months, CoolWallet Pro has continued to evolve, despite difficult market conditions. With its integration with Rarible and OpenSea, CoolWallet Pro has also become the first cold wallet to support the two major NFT trading platforms. In addition, it also added the functions of 1inch and MetaMask, and optimized the interface of WalletConnect to meet the needs of users for DeFi and Dapp. And of course, during the year, CoolWallet Pro also added native support for many more incredible coins and tokens. However, as the world’s first Bitcoin mobile wallet in 2016, we have a special place in our hearts for the world’s king of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, to celebrate CoolWallet Pro’s first birthday and the coming of Bitcoin Pizza Day, we have plenty of activities and gifts to invite all friends who support CoolWallet to participate! And, even better, we have issued a special limited edition Pizza Day CoolWallet Pro! 

History and Future of CoolWallet Pro

Vote for the Next Feature on CoolWallet Pro

The evolution of CoolWallet Pro doesn’t stop here. So, join us and let us know what’s your most wanted feature, and we will add the function with the most votes to the product planning schedule. In addition, in order to thank all the users for their valuable opinions, we will draw 10 lucky winners every week during the campaign period, and the winner will receive 100,000 Satoshi BTC.

Vote For Your Most Wanted Feature
and Win 100,000 Satoshi BTC

100,000 Satoshi BTC,
10 draws a week, 40 draws in total

Campaign Period
May 23th 2022 00:00  – June 19th 2022 23:59 (GMT+8)

WEEK Registration period Winner announcement
1 5/23 00:00 – 5/29 23:59 GMT+8 5/30 23:59 GMT+8
  1. K…I – 31tsG…q3F4u
  2. 吳…軍 – 3Q3v5…uznSj
  3. K…n – 39ykq…fx5bJ
  4. 張…瑋 – 35pTr…V3xtf
  5. 林…雯 – bc1q9…39znr
  6. A…e – 3BuDW…PuHm7
  7. D…9 – 3BwkU…yir2E
  8. 李…瑋 – 32R5X…bNFyU
  9. 蕭…昊 – 36Y9b…cTjQU
  10. 吳…翰 – 3NQLe…VgSuk
2 5/30 00:00 – 6/5 23:59 GMT+8 6/6 23:59 GMT+8
  1. 楊…哲 – 32xEN…4Wgf4
  2. 朱…瑩 – 3HU7y…VWCPm
  3. R…t – bc1qv…v3rld
  4. D…h – 0xb9c…7f7bf
  5. L…g – 37WXu…zUBR3
  6. 丁…謙 – 0xD45…573d9
  7. 劉…謙 – 3Nr7Q…jMZrS
  8. 鄭…仁 – 0x5E2…36ff4
  9. 林…勳 – 3Ena5…zNXMn
  10. s…n – 3BQQL…FNHYg
3 6/6 00:00 – 6/12 23:59 GMT+8 6/13 23:59 GMT+8
  1. 鄭…智 – 0xED9…1ebA2
  2. 林…雄 – 19sJK…L5uBF
  3. 林…崴 – bc1qu…vcqen
  4. 陳…泰 – 32Bkm…nj1z7
  5. 杜…軒 – 3B8xR…NKK8G
  6. 鄧…夫 – 37aJ9…m5Pwq
  7. 蔡…錞 – 3AzyR…2QrQS
  8. 胡…翔 – 3BuGt…jbaYY
  9. 王…程 – 3L3Bb…uj1UG
  10. 劉…宏 – 3C5oN…YSKza
4 6/13 00:00 – 6/19 23:59 GMT+8 6/20 23:59 GMT+8
  1. s…u – 14y2q…cZHvB
  2. 黃…青 – 32Hpm…wJRpw
  3. R…g – bc1qu…gprdj
  4. 湯…安 – 0xAd3…57520
  5. 鍾…元 – 39BbU…LS9LS
  6. T…k – 3JP3A…UN9cn
  7. 张…杨 – 3HgHh…95WD8
  8. 黎…煒 – 3DToz…4emyN
  9. R…g – 3GeGm…gqPWf
  10. T…i – 3Nfwy…bNBha



  1. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin
  2. All CoolWallet Pro users can participate, both existing users and new purchasers
  3. Purchase the CoolWallet Pro through one of the following channels

  4. Follow CoolWallet on Facebook or Twitter

  5. Tell us on your social media: “Which feature do you want in CoolWallet Pro?”

  6. Fill out the “Registration Form” on the CoolWallet website during the registration period.

  7. Winner will be announced according to the campaign schedule.
  8. The prize will be sent to the registered address by July 31st 2022 23:59 (GMT+8)


About BitCoin Pizza Day
& CoolWallet Pro Pizza Day Edition

The annual BitCoin Pizza Day is here again. On May 22, 2010, an American engineer spent 10,000 BTC on the forum to buy two pieces of pizza from another netizen. The pizza of this meal was recognized as the first transaction of BitCoin in history, the original 10,000 BTC is now worth more than “USD 380 million”. To celebrate this day, we are launching a limited edition CoolWallet Pro – Pizza Day Edition.

Get your CoolWallet Pro – Pizza Day Edition now


Terms & Conditions:

  1. The campaign only applies to the participants who purchase the CoolWallet Pro product (including Co-branded and Duo Plus) through one of the listed channels within the campaign period.
  2. For compliance purposes, customers from the sanctioned countries are not eligible to participate in this campaign: including but not limited to Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Russia and Venezuela.
  3. For verification purposes, winners are required to submit the screenshot of the social media post and the receiving wallet address to CoolBitX before the said deadline in order to claim the prizes. Participants acknowledge that failure to submit any of the aforementioned required documents and/or failure to complete the above process before the deadline may lead to the forfeiture of your prize.
  4. The screenshot of the social media post has to be clear. If the information cannot be recognized, your prize may be canceled. 
  5. Each participant may only apply for one lucky draw. One card number for one draw.
  6. CoolBitX reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions in connection with the campaign at any time and in our sole discretion. Any changes or modification will be effective immediately upon posting and you have agreed to waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications. 
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