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Explore the Web3 Universe
with the Coolest Crypto Wallet


Navigating between Cold
and Hot Wallets


  • Dark mode for CoolWallet COLD
  • Advanced security mechanism


  • Light mode for CoolWallet HOT
  • Streamlined transaction process

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Smart Scan - Trade with Peace of Mind

Smart Scan

Trade with Peace of Mind

Real-time scanning and alerting

Safeguard against phishing DApps and assess the security of received assets.

Preview transaction details

Gain advanced visibility for informed decisions.

Native Application for Crypto Exchange - Swap with Abundant Choices

Native Application for Crypto Exchange

Swap with Abundant Choices

Details in one screen

  • Coin/token and blockchain at a glance
  • Self-defined address name

Swap freely with ease

  • Automatically recommend the best rate
  • Integrated floating rate/fixed rate
More Than Just Crypto - Enjoy DApps And NFTs with Ease

More Than Just Crypto

Enjoy DApps And NFTs with Ease

Web3 Browser

Seamlessly interact with countless DApps as you embark on an unlimited journey within the Web3 Universe.

NFT Wallet

Unlock the power of collection-centered design and seamlessly manage and explore your exclusive NFTs with a visually captivating experience at your fingertips.


Supported Blockchain Mainnet

Even More Mainnet Supported with CoolWallet Pro

Even More Mainnet Supported
with CoolWallet Pro

Security & Privacy


CoolWallet App is a non-custodial wallet that does NOT keep your data. Only you can access your assets.

Security Mechanism

CoolWallet App is supporting screenlock and transaction verification to enhance the security of your digital assets. You can choose either biometric authentication or password to unlock and authorize the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which blockchains does CoolWallet App currently support?

CoolWallet App currently supports over 10 main chains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync Era, Cronos, Flare, ThunderCore, OKX Chain, and Linea. In addition to official tokens, CoolWallet App also supports over 12,000 custom tokens on several chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The CoolWallet team is continuously working on integrating new chains, so stay tuned!

If you are satisfied with CoolWallet, it’s highly recommended to use the advanced security technology integrated cold wallet CoolWallet Pro, supporting over 30 main chains!

Besides storing my crypto assets, does the CoolWallet App support any other services?

Absolutely! Beyond the secure and convenient storage of your digital assets with CoolWallet App, you can tap into a Web3 browser and explore native features within the app to seamlessly purchase, swap, and manage your crypto across multiple applications.

And that’s not all – CoolWallet App also empowers you with NFT management capabilities. Effortlessly view and transact your NFTs, while mastering your NFT Wallet like a pro.

How does the CoolWallet App ensure the security of my assets?

CoolWallet App features an advanced transaction analysis called Smart Scan. Before confirming transactions, it scans and detects both the transaction counterpart (DApp) and the smart contract transaction itself. This includes scrutinizing transaction details and checking for any anomalies, providing an extra layer of security for your transactions.

What is the difference between CoolWallet App and CoolWallet Pro?

CoolWallet App serves as the software interface to manage your Crypto assets stored in CoolWallet Pro. With CoolWallet App, you can send, receive, buy, sell, exchange, or stake your crypto assets. It offers the functionalities of a hot wallet even without purchasing the cold wallet CoolWallet Pro/S.

On the other hand, CoolWallet Pro is a credit card-sized, ultra-thin hardware wallet designed to store your wallet’s private keys, preventing asset theft. When you have both CoolWallet App and CoolWallet Pro, you can manage both cold and hot wallets within the same app. This allows you to enjoy the advanced security features of CoolWallet Pro while benefiting from the convenience of a hot wallet, achieving a higher level of encrypted asset management.

If I accidentally forget the password for CoolWallet App, will I lose my crypto assets too?

No, you won’t. Your crypto assets are stored on the blockchain, so forgetting the password for CoolWallet App doesn’t mean losing your encrypted assets.

As long as you’ve properly stored your recovery phrase (mnemonic phrase) in a secure place (handwritten or safely stored), you can use it to recover your crypto wallet.

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