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If your existing CoolWallet purchase has exceeded the one-year warranty period and you encounter unresolved issues while using CoolWallet, we will provide a one-time 40% off coupon. This coupon is applicable to a single order, and within 30 calendar days, you can purchase a maximum of 10 CoolWallet series products (such as CoolWallet S and CoolWallet Pro, excluding accessories like charging kits and CoolKey).


  1. Please confirm if your existing hardware wallet purchase has exceeded the one-year warranty period.
  2. Currently experiencing hardware related malfunctions/issues while using CoolWallet. 
  3. Have accurately completed the following Coverage Plan form. 

In addition, please note the following:

  • Upon receiving and verifying your application for Coverage Plan eligibility, we will contact you via email within 5 business days to provide the coupon.
  • ONE CoolWallet with a distinct serial number, is only eligible for the Coverage Plan once.
  • Please ensure you have prepared the order information we need to verify during validation to prevent misuse of your card number.
  • CoolBitX reserves the right to amend, suspend or discontinue any and all of the Coverage Plan at any time without prior notice.
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