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Customer Support Update: Please Use Our Official Website Channel, not Telegram

Dear CoolWallet Community,

Thank you for your active participation in our official Telegram channel. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for us since we started a little over a year ago to have such a direct line to our community. All of your feedback has been well-documented and is continuously shared internally to improve and fine-tune our service.

As you may know, our Telegram group has expanded quite rapidly over the last 12 months, growing with our user base. Unfortunately, as a direct result, it has become increasingly ineffective to use Telegram as a customer support channel for CoolWallet S owners who need a quick turnaround on product-related issues.

Therefore, we’ve had multiple discussions with the Management Team on how to maintain the quality of our customer support.

Our Telegram Channel: Now discussion-only

Here’s what we’ve decided:

  • The CoolWallet Telegram channel structure will remain as it is.
  • However, we will limit the Telegram channel’s scope to discussion-only (general and product news)
  • All direct product-specific support queries must be logged at our website’s official support platform instead.
  • This is to streamline our customer support, provide priority-based ticket support and protect our users’ privacy.

CoolWallet Website- now the only official direct support channel

Please refrain from using Telegram private chats or posting any wallet question that pertains to users’ private information.

Instead, use our website’s official customer support platform (see the end of this article) for product issues with, but not limited to:

  • recovery seeds
  • private keys
  • contact information
  • address
  • user’s identity or name

How to contact us for direct customer support:

Get in touch with our client experience group directly, at one of these options:

  1. Customer Support Email: [email protected]
  2. Official customer support platform (

We understand that this additional procedure does increase the time complexity of a reported issue. However, this is an absolutely essential step to ensure we maintain the best possible security and support for our community members.

We thank you for understanding and remain committed to providing you the best hardware wallet customer support in the business!


Customer Experience Manager, CoolBitX

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