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All You Need to Know About The CoolWallet Billfodl

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While the CoolWallet protects your crypto on the go at all times, ensuring that your recovery is safely backed up is equally as important as protecting your funds with a hardware wallet.

For example, in case you lose your phone or physical CoolWallet device, you’ll need to restore your account on either a new CoolWallet or compatible software wallet with your recovery seed (12-24 phrases or number sets). However, if your seed phrase paper wallet is damaged for whatever reason, e.g. water or fire, you’re in trouble.

Enter steel wallets: indestructible metal wallets that safe-keep your recovery phrases to ensure you never lose it! For buyers, there’s one brand that stands out, Billfodl.

CoolWallet has partnered with Billfodl to help our users fortify their security even more.

What is the CoolWallet Billfodl?

The CoolWallet Billfodl is a fire-resistant steel wallet that protects your recovery seed from environmental dangers.

You use steel letters and numbers to enter your recovery seed inside the Billfodl and then secure it with 2 locks to keep your information safe.

CoolWallet has 2 methods of backing up your device: either 24 words or 24 5 digit numbers.

In the CoolWallet Billfodl you can hold your entire seed phrase string of 5 digit numbers or the first 5 letters of each word

The CoolWallet uses the BIP39 Word List for seed backups, therefore you only need the first 4 letters of your seed phrase words to uniquely identify them. 

To open the plate and insert your seed phrase follow the steps below:

How to assemble the CoolWallet Billfodl

  1. Carefully open all the packaging and lay it out on a clean work space (desk, kitchen table, etc)
  2. Slide Billfodl open and lay it on the side where you can see the laser engraved logo and the slots for numbers 1-12.
  3. Grab one of the tiles and twist the screw in the top right corner so that the groove is horizontal
  4. Use the same tile to gently press down on the bottom spring lock. 
  5. While the spring is pressed down, pull the latch on the right open.
  6. Pick your tiles from the tile tray and slide them in to spell your Key or Words
    Warning: Ensure that each row on both sides of the CoolWallet Billfodl is full of tiles. Use blank spaces as necessary to fill up the row. There should be no way to move the tiles when the latch is closed. ALWAYS fill the entire Billfodl. During our extensive torture test, we found that Billfodls which are not full may warp in extreme (greater than 600 deg C) heat. If you have run out of blanks, use all of the A’s, then B’s… until the Billfodl is full. 
  7. Close the latch, push back the bottom lock, and using the tile again, secure the lock on the top right hand side of the unit.
  8. Flip the CoolWallet Billfodl and repeat on the other side.
  9. Double-check your data for accuracy.
  10. Store your Billfodl someplace safe.

Why do I need a Billfodl?

When it comes to securing your crypto, it is important to ensure that there are no weaknesses in your defenses. Not securing your recovery seed from damage, exposure to third parties, keeping digital copies etc, is tantamount to buying an expensive safe and leaving its doors open. Here’s an extensive review and stress-testing by PrivacyPros to see how Billfodl performed against 600 gallons of jet fuel!

Privacy Pros scientific test review

Liquid pool fire closeup
The fire (
Billfodl tiles closeup after fire test
After the fire (

Billfodl after cleaning
After 20min of cleaning! (

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