The CoolWallet Billfodl


Why do I need a Billfodl?

Not your keys not your crypto! The CoolWallet Billfodl is a fire and water resistant steel wallet that protects your recovery seed from environmental hazards. Secure it with 2 locks to ensure that there are no weaknesses in your crypto defense.

Buy With

CoolWallet Charger Set

The CoolWallet Charger Set allows you to charge your CoolWallet with a USB-A adapter. Keep an extra set and be prepared for unexpected events.

CoolWallet Cardholder

The CoolWallet Card Holder allows you to carry up to 7 cards along with your CoolWallet on the go and in complete safety and style. While CoolWallet keeps your asset safe, the card holder is bend-proof with RFID technology and keeps your cards safe!

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