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Welcome To CoolWallet Pro

The World’s Most Convenient Bluetooth Hardware Wallet. Now for Elite Users.

Full Control of Your Assets In Your Hands – Anywhere, Anytime


Encrypted Bluetooth connection for Android and iOS to enable the most convenient crypto on-the-go experience.

Track, Send, and Receive 

Check your portfolio at a glance and transact with ease from secure cold storage.

Marketplace Trading Features

Supports buy crypto, Binance DEX, WalletConnect, token-to-token exchange and many enhanced features to facilitate the support of DeFi protocols, NFT collectibles, DApps, airdrops, and other emerging crypto products and services. Never miss another trading opportunity.


Powerful Inside and Out – On Top of Security

NFT Functions

The First Hardware Wallet to Support in-app NFT trading functions.
–> OpenSea and Rarible

More Coins

Supported Blockchain Mainnet
BTC / ETH / BNB / XRP / BUSD / ADA / SOL / MATIC / DOT / TRX / LTC / AVAX / APTOS, and more…!

Supported Tokens
All ERC-20 / ERC-20 (Arbitrum, Polygon) / BEP-20 / TRC-20 customized tokens, and All ERC-721, ERC-1155 NFT tokens!


Earn rewards while you HODL. Stake your digital assets in the CoolWallet Pro to mine POS coin rewards for TRX, XTZ, SOL, ATOM, ADA and ETH .

Upgraded Hardware Design – More Intuitive and Secure

Enhanced Security

The CoolWallet Pro’s secure element features an upgraded chipset and higher CC EAL6+ rating, which is one of the highest security standards in the industry.

Credit Card Sized

Only 0.8mm thick and lightweight at 6g to fit into your physical wallet. Water resistant and tamper-proof for extra durability.

What’s the Best for You?

Premium Choice

CoolWallet Pro

  • Credit Card sized 0.8mm(T), Lightweight 6g
  • Mobile (Android & iOS)
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • EAL 6+ certified Secure Element
  • Trading features
  • Connect to DeFi and Dapps through WalletConnect
  • Supported 30+ Chains with 12,000+ Coins & Tokens
    BTC / ETH / LTC / BNB / XRP / ADA / SOL / TRX / DOT
    / OKT / TT / BCH / XLM / AVAX / ATOM / ETC / FLR / APT
    / OP / MATIC / XTZ / APTOS, and more…!
  • Staking
  • NFT In-app Integration with Rarible and OpenSea

CoolWallet S

  • Credit Card sized 0.8mm(T), Lightweight 6g
  • Mobile (Android & iOS)
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • EAL 5+ certified Secure Element
  • Trading features
  • Connect to DeFi and Dapps through WalletConnect
  • Supported 12 Chains with 10,000+ Coins & Tokens
    BTC / ETH / LTC / BCH / XLM / FLR / GUSD / ICX …more

Security & Privacy


CoolWallet App is a non-custodial wallet that does NOT keep your data. Only you can access your assets.

Security Mechanism

CoolWallet App is supporting screenlock and transaction verification to enhance the security of your digital assets. You can choose either biometric authentication or password to unlock and authorize the transaction.


Gelişmiş・Resmi Tavsiye

CoolWallet Pro

En Düşük: USD$149.00

Fiyat, vergi ve harçları içermeyebilir.

Web3’te herhangi bir yere güvenli bir şekilde gidin.

CoolWallet Pro, elit soğuk saklama koruması ve kullanım kolaylığı sunan eşsiz bir donanım cüzdanıdır. Kripto, DeFi ve NFT varlıklarınızı güvenli ve gizli bir şekilde istediğiniz zaman ve yerde yönetin. EAL6+ SE, şifreli Bluetooth, çoklu koin desteği ve özelliklerle dolu bir uygulama içerir.

Kutuda: CoolWallet Pro x1, Şarj seti x1, Başlangıç kılavuzu x1, Kurtarma ifadesi kartı x2

Özel indirimli paket fiyatı

Ara Toplam

  • Lightweight
    Hafif (6g)
  • Blockchains
    35+ Blok zinciri
  • Coins_tokens
    12.000+ Koin/jeton
  • POS staking feature
    POS staking özelliği
  • Defi
  • NFT
  • AES-256 Bluetooth
    AES-256 Bluetooth
  • Secure Element Chip
    Güvenli Eleman Çipi (CC EAL6+)
  • Lightweight
    Ultra-ince (0.8mm)
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CoolWallet Pro


CoolWallet Şanslı Çanta 2024


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Özel indirimli paket fiyatı

Ara Toplam

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Tarifeler ve ürün vergileri dahil olmayabilir.

Technical Specifications


85.6(L) x 53.98(H) x 0.8(T)mmCredit Card-Size


Compatible with smartphones: Android 6+, or iPhone 5/ iOS 12.1+

Safety and Certification

CoolWallet is CE and RoHS certified, also we meet the following certifications: NCC- CCAF22LP0650T3


Certified CC EAL 6+

Box Content

CoolWallet Pro x1, Charging set x1, Get started guide x1, Recovery phrase card x2


Contains a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Volt: 3V / Capacity: 15mAh

Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan

– Contact Charging: 2 hours to full charge
– Battery Life: Regular Use (~2 Transactions per day) roughly 2 weeks
– Standby Time: 3 months
– It’s recommended to fully charge the device once per month for better battery life.

Language Supported

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian

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