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Explore the Web3 universe
with the Coolest wallet


Navigating between Cold
and Hot Wallets


  • Dark mode for CoolWallet COLD
  • Advanced security mechanism


  • Light mode for CoolWallet HOT
  • Streamlined transaction process

Native Application for Crypto Exchange

Swap Rates for Choice

Integrated Floating Rate/Fixed Rate (Changelly & ChangeHero)

  • Clear information in one screen
    • Coin/token and blockchain at a glance
    • Self-defined address name
  • Multiple exchange rates to choose from, with the best rate automatically recommended

More Than Just Crypto

Enjoy DApps And
NFTs with Ease

WalletConnect & OpenSea Integrated Services

The integrated solutions of CoolWallet App make it easy to buy, collect, and sell NFTs on the world’s leading NFT marketplace. Interact seamlessly with hundreds of DApps and roam free within the Web3 Universe.

Supported Blockchain Mainnet

Even More Mainnet Supported with CoolWallet Pro

Even More Mainnet
Supported with
CoolWallet Pro

Security & Privacy


CoolWallet App is a non-custodial wallet that does NOT keep your data. Only you can access your assets.

Security Mechanism

CoolWallet App is supporting screenlock and transaction verification to enhance the security of your digital assets. You can choose either biometric authentication or password to unlock and authorize the transaction.

Upgrade Security

Cold Storage the Safest Way to Protect Your Assets

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CoolWallet secure?

At CoolWallet, we value security to the highest level possible, here are some precautions and measures we took while developing CoolWallet HOT, just naming a few: obfuscation, Key encryption and Hacker Test.

Can I Use CoolWallet HOT Without Having CoolWallet Pro/ S?

The answer is yes, with CoolWallet App introducing our CoolWallet HOT services, the decision is yours. You could stay with your CoolWallet S or Pro only; exploring the crypto world with CoolWallet App or keep both running.
It’s just a matter of choices.

If I am a CoolWallet COLD user, can I use CoolWallet HOT after I pair my CoolWallet with my phone?

Yes, we support 4 ways for you to log into your CoolWallet App account: CoolWallet COLD (S and Pro) account only; User with both CoolWallet COLD and CoolWallet HOT; CoolWallet HOT only and Visitor mode.

What is a Visitor Mode?

Sign Up after you try it!

Unlike other hot wallets in the market, CoolWallet provides you with the freedom to explore the world CoolWallet holds without undergoing a long process of setup nor processes. Our Visitor Mode allows you to experience all the features we have and really try our chic UI design before making a commitment!

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