CoolWallet 為輕薄的硬體冷錢包,如同信用卡尺寸大小,不但攜帶便利,同時兼顧去中心化的安全機制。

USB 硬體錢包

  • 僅桌上型電腦適用
  • 安全 (冷儲存)
  • 速度慢且不方便
  • 僅可儲存
  • 1+1 因素驗證



  • 行動裝置適用 (Android 及 iOS)
  • 安全 (冷儲存)
  • 便利且機動性高
  • 追蹤與交換資產
  • 2+1 因素驗證


  • 行動裝置適用 (Android 及 iOS)
  • 不安全 (熱儲存)
  • 便利且機動性高
  • 追蹤與交換資產
  • 0 因素驗證
  • USB 硬體錢包

  • 軟體錢包



CoolWallet Pro

  • 信用卡大小,厚度僅 0.8mm、重量僅 6g 的輕量化設計
  • 行動裝置適用 (Android 及 iOS)
  • 加密藍牙連線
  • EAL 6+ 認證安全元件
  • 支援多種加密貨幣
  • 交易功能
  • 權益質押
  • 更多幣種 | Tron (TRX)、Cosmos (ATOM)、PolkaDot (DOT)、BEP20 Token – BNB及其他BEP20 Tokens、TRC20 Tokens – USDT / USDJ / JUST / WBTT / WIN & 其他所有 TRC20 Tokens
  • 應用程式內整合 DeFi、Dapp 及 NFT 平台 Rarible 以及 (Opensea 開發中)
CoolWallet Pro
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CoolWallet S

  • 信用卡大小,厚度僅 0.8mm、重量僅 6g 的輕量化設計
  • 行動裝置適用 (Android 及 iOS)
  • 加密藍牙連線
  • EAL 5+ 認證安全元件
  • 支援多種加密貨幣
  • 交易功能
CoolWallet S
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CoolWallet Pro 介紹


I've used many crypto hardware wallets and CoolWallet S is the best one.

Charlie Lee Creator of Litecoin

To enable digital identity, security, AML/KYC ready and financial inclusion, CoolBitX provides an integrated solution. I support the team's dedicated focus and unwavering effort to make Taiwan a champion in the digital economy.

Jason Hsu Crypto Congressman and Legislator

The CoolBitX team provides outstanding products, which brings decentralized security to a whole new level.

Eric Benz CEO of Changelly

LiteCoin Foundation

超過 200,000 名來自世界各地用戶的信任

I have to say I think the @coolwallet is great! It was easy to set up and transfer my XRP off the exchanges. I would recommend it if you want something that's literally the size of a credit card.


Super easy setup & compatible with apple and android!
I first bought the ledger nano s because it was cheaper but it was very complicated to set up and ended up not working at all... and then I found Coolwallet S... I highly recommend the Coolwallet, dont waste your time with ledger and their crappy interface/customer service.

Amazon Customer

The main aim of this wallet is to provide portability and convenience, and to that end, it features a slim and sleek design that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Inside the device, you’ll find a secure element (SE) chip for storing your private keys, and there’s also a built-in display for viewing transaction details.

Easy set up
Very easy set up. Takes no effort at all. I really like how in the app you can exchange crypto through changelly. I feel secure having my assets in this wallet.

Robert Julian Jaworski IV

Credit card sized crypto hard wallet.
Very cool. App works well. Credit card sized. Just needs more cryptos added.

Scott L


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