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Stake Polkadot DOT to Win USDC

Total Prize Up To 1,500 USDC

Stake DOT to Win USDC

10 USDC * 20 Winners
20 winners will be chosen through a lucky draw from participants who complete the tasks.

  1. Visit the CoolWallet X P2P project on Galxe and connect your wallet.
  2. Follow CoolWallet official X and P2P official X.
  3. Like & retweet the campaign posts on CoolWallet official X and P2P official X.

20 winners will claim their 10 USDC (BEP-20) on Galxe after the lucky draw results are announced.

600 USDC * 1 Winner
400 USDC * 1 Winner
300 USDC * 1 Winner

3 winners will be randomly selected from all eligible participants.

Qualify for the 1,300 USDC lucky draw by staking DOT via the P2P validator on the CoolWallet App:

Step 1. Meet one of the following criteria during the campaign period

  • [NEW STAKE] Create a new stake with an amount of DOT exceeding the minimum requirement as specified in the FAQ (see the image below), specifically through the P2P validator.
    For guidance on how to stake DOT using CoolWallet, please click here.

    Note: Participants moving funds from other validators to P2P will be recognized as NEW STAKE. It is highly recommended to first read the guide below to avoid an additional waiting period.

  • [ADD STAKE] Increase your existing stake by adding a minimum of 100 DOT to your staked amount, ensuring it’s done via the P2P validator on CoolWallet. Click here to see how to add stakes.

Step 2. Ensure your DOT remains staked with the P2P validator for a minimum of 30 days to be eligible for the draw.

Minimum Staking Requirements: Ensure your staking amount meets these minimums to qualify for rewards. Check the most recent staking requirements in the FAQ on CoolWallet App. Click here to learn how to check Minimum Staking Amount.

  • Winners will be announced before June 10th, 2024.
  • Where to check:
    • This campaign page
    • CoolWallet official X (Twitter)
    • App Notification: Winners will also receive an app notification.

Note: It is recommended to turn on app notifications to ensure you do not miss this announcement.

Prize Airdrop

Winners are required to fill out a form with their accurate information for prize receipt. This form will be made available on the campaign page at the time of the winner announcement. The required information includes:

  • Full Polkadot Address used for staking
  • Reward Receiving Wallet Address: Must be on the BSC network.

The form must be submitted before June 25th, 2024 to ensure timely receipt of your prize. Delays in submitting your information could result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes will be airdropped to the provided BSC addresses before July 1st, 2024.

Please complete only the initial “Chill” transaction and reject the “Unbond” transaction. If you proceed to unbond your DOT staking, be aware that you will have to wait for a 28-day unbonding period before you can withdraw your funds.


To access the FAQ, tap on “Staking” from the Wallet page and refresh the data by scrolling down. Then, navigate to the “Staking” page in the “Marketplace,” select your desired coin, and click on the question mark in the top-right corner to read the FAQ.
*At the time this post was created, the minimum amount required to stake DOT is 451.

Minimum Staking Requirements

Terms and Conditions

  • Address Requirements: Winners must provide a BSC address by June 25th, 2024. Failure to do so, or providing an incorrect address, will result in forfeiture of the prize without replacement or reissue.
  • Campaign Modifications: CoolBitX reserves the right to change or modify any terms and conditions at any time, at their sole discretion. Changes or modifications take effect immediately upon posting. By participating, you agree to waive any right to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications.
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