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CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient Navigation of The Web3 World Anytime, Anywhere

What is a Web3 Browser

A Web3 browser, also known as a blockchain browser, is a browser that enables users to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) in a more convenient way. Traditional web browsers usually only allow users to access websites via protocols such as HTTP or HTTPS, which have limited support for decentralized protocols based on blockchain technology, resulting in a poor user experience when operating various DApps. Web3 browsers can directly connect to blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc., enabling users to directly interact with DApps, manage cryptocurrency wallets, or explore various decentralized content.

Seamlessly interact with DApps securely through the CoolWallet Web3 browser

The CoolWallet Web3 browser is a new feature within the CoolWallet app, providing users with seamless access to the vibrant and exciting world of Web3. Previously, users had to switch back and forth between different applications using WalletConnect when interacting with DApps and their wallets. With just one click from the main menu, users can now directly interact with DApps and complete transactions within the CoolWallet App, simplifying the user experience and enhancing security.

The built-in Web3 browser provides an additional layer of security for users when conducting crypto and smart contract transactions. By directly interacting with DApps through the wallet and verifying transactions, the risk of fraud or phishing attacks can be reduced.

CoolWallet - Web3 browser

Multi-chain support for exploring the content-rich Web3 world

The CoolWallet Web3 browser currently supports multiple EVM-compatible mainnets, including popular ones such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, as well as Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism. Other non-EVM compatible mainnets such as Solana and Cosmos are also being developed and will soon be available on the Web3 browser.

Easily navigate the complex Web3 world with CoolWallet’s user-friendly interface

With the CoolWallet Web3 browser, users can effortlessly access and interact with various DApps. By simply entering a keyword or DApp link into the search bar, users can quickly select the desired DApp from the search results. Users can easily start interacting with the DApp by connecting it to their wallet. Additionally, the CoolWallet Web3 browser offers a selection of practical and popular DApps like OKLink. With just one click, users can access wallet information, blockchain data, and transaction details directly on the OKLink platform.

CoolWallet - Web3 browser_2

Effortlessly manage and navigate between multiple DApps

The multi-tab design of the CoolWallet Web3 browser allows for a glanceable view of several previously opened DApp tabs. This feature not only serves as a visual cue for any unfinished tasks but also acts as a list for future interactions. Furthermore, the browser tabs display DApp links and website previews, aiding in recall and ensuring the accuracy of information. This enables users to efficiently manage their crypto assets and interact with DApps in the Web3 world.

Enjoy a smooth Web3 browsing experience with user-friendly features

The CoolWallet Web3 browser provides intuitive navigation tools and streamlined features to meet important needs. If the currently opened DApp being browsed supports multiple mainnets, users can easily switch between them from the bottom right corner of the screen. To manage crypto in a more organized manner, CoolWallet has always supported a multi-address feature. With the Web3 browser, you can easily switch between different addresses and have full control over your digital assets in the Web3 world.

Let’s take OpenSea as an example and go through the steps!

Step 1. Click on “Browser” in the main menu at the bottom of the CoolWallet App. You can find the search bar in the Web3 browser, or you can simply try the recommended options.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient-1

Step 2. After clicking on the search bar, the CoolWallet Web3 browser will automatically display popular DApps. If you find what you’re looking for, you can select it directly, or enter keywords or paste the DApp URL in the search bar. For example, to search for OpenSea, just type a few letters like ”op” and the browser will display related DApps.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -2

Step 3. You can easily switch between mainnets and addresses from the bottom right corner after entering the desired DApp. Please note that if the mainnets supported by the CoolWallet Web3 browser do not support the DApp you wish to use, please click on the symbol in the top left corner or the “Browser” button in the main menu to return to the browser homepage.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -3

Step 4. As each DApp is designed differently, if the page does not automatically request a wallet connection upon entering the DApp, click on “Connect wallet.” The location of the “Connect wallet” button may differ for each DApp. For example, in OpenSea, the “Connect wallet” button can be found by clicking on the main menu icon.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -4

Step 5. Please choose “MetaMask” instead of “WalletConnect” for the connection to avoid any redirection issues.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -5

Step 6. A signature verification request will be prompted to ensure that you agree to connect your wallet to the DApp. If you are using a cold wallet, please have your CoolWallet Pro/S ready. If you are using the CoolWallet HOT, you will need to verify using a password or biometric authentication. Once you click “Confirm”, the verification process will begin.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -6

Step 7. After connecting your cold wallet, please follow the instructions and press the button on the card until the signature verification is completed.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -7

Step 8. After successfully linking your wallet, you can see the information of your wallet’s OpenSea account and start managing your NFTs.

CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -8

Tips for CoolWallet Web3 browser

  • Click the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner to access the options of “Share link” and “Browser homepage”.
  • Click the rotating arrow symbol in the upper right corner to refresh the page.
  • Click the symbol in the upper left corner to return to the browser homepage.
CoolWallet Unveils New Web3 Browser Feature for Safe and Convenient -9

Useful feature

The DApp being browsed will automatically become a tab on the browser homepage, making it easier for you to manage the DApps you have visited. If you do not want the DApp to appear as a tab, you can also click the “X” button on the top right of the tab to delete it.


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