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Behind-The-Scenes Q&A: The Story of our New Commercial

If you’re a CoolWallet S fan or user, you might’ve noticed that we’ve recently released our awesome new commercial, shot in sunny Australia. 

Today we’re doing a quick Q&A with members of our marketing team as well as the creative agency they worked with.

Hi Everyone. Please introduce yourselves.

Andy:  Hi, I’m Andy and I manage brand design at CoolBitX, the makers of the CoolWallet. I handle anything visual in the marketing team.

Jo:  Hi, I’m Jo, I’m in charge of paid media as well as e-commerce at CoolBitX.

Robbie and Matt:  Hi, we’re Robbie, Creative Director and Matt, Strategy Director of The Tokens Agency, a boutique blockchain-focused agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

Great. Why did you make the commercial?

Andy:  We wanted to start 2019 with a splash.  Our marketing team worked very hard last year to create a more consistent brand identity that really captures our product and resonates with our users.  

Our new website went live on January 2nd, and this commercial only a few days later.  The response has been fantastic.

Jo:  A lot of people don’t know we’re the original Bluetooth hardware wallet and started in 2014.  We’ve always maintained that your hardware wallet should fit your lifestyle and work seamlessly with your mobile phone. 

It’s good to see other brands now also reaching that conclusion recently.  But we’re still the best, and we knew we had to communicate that.


OK. So you’re the best Bluetooth mobile hardware wallet. Why?


CoolWallet-S- the world's original bluetooth hardware wallet

Andy:  Glad you asked! Here’s the 30-second elevator pitch.

The CoolWallet S goes everywhere and is easy to use without compromising security. I carry mine in my wallet everyday.

You just need to understand 3 things :

  1. Our Secure Element chip, which carries the highest CCEAL5+ protection. It stores your private keys like a vault and signs all transactions internally.
  2. Our Bluetooth encryption is military-grade and pairs the CoolWallet S safely to your phone and our app
  3. Our App is only the interface to send, receive and change your crypto assets. It can’t reveal your wallet seed or private keys.

Jo:  Also, it’s incredibly durable. It’s not a fragile USB stick. It’s a smart card that is waterproof, flexible and tamper-proof.  And don’t forget the “cool-factor”. When that e-ink screen boots up the first time…It’s just cool. Enough said!


What was the commercial’s Big Idea? 

Andy:  We wanted to show how the CoolWallet S can be a part of your everyday life.

For crypto to go mainstream, it needs to become  a natural part of people’s lives. We decided on storytelling, covering a typical day in the life of our hero. He has things to do, people to see, and places to be. And not always in that order. The first-person point of view shows how integral the CoolWallet S is to the hero’s life.



Jo:  From the moment our hero wakes up till the time he goes to bed, he’s using his CoolWallet. 

His CoolWallet S stays with him at all times. while he:

  • drops by the office,
  • uses it to buy a friend a  birthday gift
  • goes on a date (where he buys the dip)
  • buys cool records
  • meets up with his mates for drinks
  • gets a haircut etc. He even takes a swim with it!  


Andy:  He’s also a chronic portfolio checker. I’m sure many of us, myself included, can relate to that!

Jo:  At the end of the day he’s even increased his crypto holdings by trading it on the go. Crypto never sleeps, right?


Australia. Why’d you travel all the way Down Under for this? 



Jo:  We were first going to shoot in New York, but we eventually made an easy decision on Melbourne, Australia. The weather is great and our creative agency are locals there. We wanted to capture an authentic energy and our crew  just knew all the best locations.

Andy:  Melbourne also has a vibrant cryptocurrency and blockchain community. It was just more cost effective  and made sense in every way. 


Tell Us About the Tokens Agency.

Andy:  We used The Tokens Agency, one of the only dedicated, full-service creative agencies in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and emerging technology space.


I first met Robbie in San Francisco at the Litecoin Summit in Sept. 2018 where he bought our wallet and pitched a Litecoin rebrand to Charlie Lee himself (and won the business). Matt is a killer strategist with a traditional agency background. These guys are the perfect combination of passionate and crazy. We’re really looking forward to the next time we work with them.


Best thing about the shoot?

Andy:  The great weather! We were stressed as the forecast predicted rain, but we got lucky.

Jo:  Definitely culture and people.  We joined a local blockchain meetup and got a lot of new ideas. People were friendly and eager to exchange ideas.

Robbie & Matt:  Apart from walking away with a great film in the can, I’d have to say lunch at Pastuso on day 2. Melbourne is known for its food and this place is a highlight.



Worst thing about the shoot?

Jo:  Our schedule was very demanding, and physically tough for our hero (he had to wear a heavy helmet rig for 2 days). We had to wake up really early in the morning and visit a lot of locations. I’d love to go back and explore the city and culture a bit more.

Matt:  Nothing negative to report. James, our talent managed to spill a cup of coffee on the product as he was trying to maneuver the camera that was fixed to his head. Lucky the CoolWallet S is waterproof!


Final question:  Where will the CoolWallet S go to next?

the coolwallet S is the world's best mobile hardware walllet

Jo:  We have a few strong ideas and will continue to support and communicate the fact that we really are an “Everyday wallet” for crypto users.

Andy:  To be determined, but I think we’ll try to push the industry standards both with our messaging and creativity.


Thanks guys.

So how about it CoolWallet Community, where should we go next?


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