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CoolWallet and ChangeHero have partnered up!

In case you didn’t get a chance to see the recent updates to the exchange section of our app, we would like to, once again, bring attention to the exciting new partnership between CoolWallet and ChangeHero. This partnership brings even more convenience and security to both of our customers. Owners of the CoolWallet S can now update their CoolBitX app for iOS and Android to gain access to the new exchange page.

What is ChangeHero?

ChangeHero is a cryptocurrency exchange that is both reliable and most important of all, instant. Coin to coin exchanges as well as fiat to crypto exchanges are supported. Also, crypto to crypto exchanges do not require any sign-up or login. Competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees make ChangeHero a great solution for those in the crypto community. 

To learn more about ChangeHero, you can check out their Twitter, Facebook, Telegram group or the ChangeHero subreddit.

How do I use ChangeHero with the CoolBitX app?

ChangeHero is now fully integrated with CoolWallet S!

Our recent partnership with ChangeHero allows for their exchange to be baked right into our app. This means that all crypto to crypto exchanges can be done without leaving the app and customers can use their CoolWallet S to sign for the transactions. Exchange rates and transaction fees can also be compared in the exchange page. A simple tutorial is available for those who are interested in how it all works!

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