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CoolBitX & Horizen AMA

We, along with our parent company, CoolBitX, recently had the opportunity to team up with our friends at Horizen to do a casual AMA on our respective social media accounts and had a lot of fun reading all of the community’s questions! It was great to hear from all of you and we really appreciate everyones participation. We’ve gone through and handpicked several questions that we’d now like to answer.

How can I get a Horizen Coolwallet?

Horizen Team: Getting a Horizen-branded Coolwallet is easy. You can purchase them directly from the Horizen store. They are a limited edition. So, be sure to purchase yours ASAP because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

CBX Team: They look great too. We should probably think about picking up a few for ourselves…

How many cryptocurrencies does Coolwallet support?

CBX Team: Currently, we have 41 officially supported coins and tokens. You can also add any custom ERC-20 tokens that you have. Here’s a complete list of all the tokens and coins that CoolWallet supports.

What are the benefits to keeping my ZEN on a Coolwallet?

Horizen Team: There are so many benefits to keeping your ZEN on a CoolWallet. The Coolwallet S is incredibly easy to use and it’s credit card shape makes it easy to carry with you. Here are our top reasons for using the CoolWallet S:

  • It is a hardware wallet
    • Keeping your crypto in cold storage on a hardware wallet is the most secure way to keep your crypto. 
  • It has 2FA 
    • Two-factor authentication is a must in today’s day and age. 
  • You can check your ZEN portfolio on the go with ease.
  • It’s ultra-portable
  • It’s so easy to use!

CBX Team: Not your keys, not your crypto! 

When will Horizen release Sidechains?

Horizen Team: This is a little off-topic, but we love that you asked. It’s coming very soon. We can’t give a specific date, but keep your eyes peeled for news!

As a partner of Horizen, will CoolBitX build on Horizen Sidechains?

CBX Team: We’re very excited to see what Horizen has planned with Sidechains. Once everything is up and running we’ll definitely look into ways to integrate it into our product roadmap.

The Horizen team all seem to have a CoolWallet S. What is the team’s favorite thing about the product?

Horizen Team: You’re correct. Everyone on the team has one. We gifted them to ourselves after the partnership was official.

We asked a few of the Horizen team members what their favorite things were about the CoolWallet S. Here were their answers:

  • It’s so easy to use for us less technical team members. 
  • It’s incredibly secure.
  • I can carry it with me everywhere and purchase items from the store with it or use the app to get more ZEN on the go. 
  • I trust that my ZEN is safe on the CoolWallet S

CBX Team: Glad to hear that ya’ll are enjoying them 🙂 

When will the Coolwallet support T- and Z- addresses?

CBX Team: Great question! Our dev team is still looking into it at the moment and although there are no plans as of yet, rest assured that it’s on their list of requests. Thanks for the reminder!

What’s next for CoolWallet? Are we going to see an upgraded version?

CBX Team: We’ve got a lot of great things planned for the CoolWallet, including updates to both the wallet itself and the CoolBitX app. Just recently, we’ve added some updates to the exchange section of the app that allows you to compare exchange rates between Changelly and ChangeHero when making coin to coin transactions. Earlier this year we had some great partnerships with crypto exchanges, such as MyEtherWallet and Binance, to offer customized CoolWallet’s to their customers. We plan on continuing to seek partnerships with more exchanges to promote the use of hardware wallets for crypto owners. 

As for the next generation of CoolWallet? Well, let’s just say you’ll get all the great features of the current generation, but with added security and the ability to do more all within our app. We’ll be releasing more details about it when its release date comes closer!

Currently, there are many hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, & so on available in the market. What makes you more secure? What are the best features? And is CoolWallet easy to use? How many crypto coins or tokens can we store on it?

CBX Team: Hardware wallets, whether they be USB, bluetooth or wireless, all offer more or less the same thing: a secure place to hold your cryptocurrency. Some of the bigger names, like Ledger, as you mentioned, feature a Secure Element, or SE chip. These chips are 3rd party verified and are considered the gold standard of security for your keys. That being said, the CoolWallet also features an SE chip and offers the same core security features that our competition offers. 

One of the main differences between CoolWallet and the typical hardware wallet is that it is wireless and extremely portable. All you need to receive, send, and exchange crypto is the CoolWallet, that you can conveniently store in your actual wallet, and your smartphone. A computer, USB adapters or any other cables are not required. All transactions can be done while on the move! Many of our customers choose CoolWallet over other brands because they enjoy the convenience and the hassle-free transaction process.

Currently, there are 41 officially supported coins and tokens. You can also add any custom ERC-20 tokens that you have. For a complete list of all the tokens and coins that CoolWallet supports, you can click here.

I have a CoolWallet on a list of things I’d like for my birthday but my girlfriend always seems to skip over it. How do I convince her of its worth? I don’t think she’s willing to spend $99 on something that she doesn’t see any value in. Thanks!

CBX Team: We normally try not to venture into giving relationship advice, nor do we like giving investment advice, but in your case, we’ll try to keep it as neutral as possible! We believe that communication is key to any sort of relationship, business or romantic! It is possible that your girlfriend does not fully understand what cryptocurrency is or how it even works. May we suggest you take her out to a nice meal and while eating, share with her everything you know about crypto. Tell her the pros (and even the cons) and try to explain it in a way that anyone can understand. 

At the end of the meal, say it’s your treat and pay for it. To bring it full circle, on your drive home, you can casually mention that the meal was paid for with the earnings you made from your crypto! It would be a good way for her to connect the dots between fiat and cryptocurrency. This way she can fully see the value of crypto and why it is important to keep it secure in a hardware wallet. Hopefully this works out for you! Please let us know if you have any updates. Good luck!

I missed out on the last promotion. You guys going to have any others coming up?

CBX Team: We’re always doing promotions! Be sure to check out our Twitter for the latest deals, promotions or special events that come up more often than none.

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