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​​CoolWallet and 1inch Partner Up For CoolWallet App Support

CoolWallet’s new 1inch integration enables CoolWallet Pro users to safely exchange crypto at a competitive rate in our CoolWallet App.

Exchange your crypto on 1inch from your CoolWallet App

The CoolWallet team works tirelessly on integrating solutions into the CoolWallet App that enable users to easily manage their digital assets without compromising The CoolWallet team works tirelessly on integrating solutions into our versatile CoolWallet App that enables users to easily and comprehensively manage their digital assets without compromising security in any way. In our latest upgrade, we teamed up with the innovative 1inch Network to offer CoolWallet Pro users a premier new decentralized exchange (DEX) option with native CoolWallet support.

What is 1inch?

1inch is a popular and feature-rich DEX aggregator platform that offers users competitive exchange rates by automatically searching for the best deals across over 180 DEXs and other liquidity sources and reroutes trades among them. The 1inch Network’s protocol uses the Pathfinder algorithm to find the best paths among different markets over dozens of liquidity sources on multiple public chains, such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and other leading layer-1 networks.

In 2019, the founders of the 1inch Network, Anton Bukov and Sergej Kunz, first developed a DEX aggregation protocol MVP at an Ethereum Global New York City hackathon. The solution then became the foundation of the 1inch Network. By the end of 2021, the number of wallets interacting with the 1inch Network on Ethereum hit one million, for a staggering total of $134 billion in volume.

Why should I use 1inch with the CoolWallet App?

This integration of 1inch enables the users of CoolWallet App to safely exchange one crypto for another at a competitive rate right in the App.

Advanced security with better crypto exchange rates

CoolWallet’s primary focus is protecting our users’ digital assets. This is why we’ve dedicated a substantial majority of technical resources to strengthen and optimize the security of CoolWallet. For example, the DeFi space is rife with hacks and scams, as recent hot wallet breaches of MetaMask and OpenSea through phishing have shown. This is why we now also offer native in-app support for both MetaMask (through WalletConnect) and OpenSea and Rarible users. 
Applied technologies such as our encrypted Bluetooth connection (AES 256 military-grade)  and 2+1 factor authentication ( biometric and physical verification of all transactions via the app and card respectively) ensure your safety when dealing with crypto exchanges via the CoolWallet App. Since your private key is permanently locked inside your CoolWallet’s cutting-edge EAL6+ secure element, you can enjoy the 1inch Network’s amazing benefits without worrying about malicious activities.

1inch x CoolWallet team up for in-app exchange integration

Intuitive interface and process

Designed for ease of use, CoolWallet Pro users can now use 1inch and the CoolWallet App to effortlessly exchange crypto with only a few clicks at the best real-time rates.

Example: To swap ETH for Wrapped BTC (WBTC), use the CoolWallet App’s 1inch feature as follows:

  1. Select ETH and WBTC from the drop-down menus and the amount to trade, and 
  2. 1inch’s algorithm will find the cheapest way from different exchanges and liquidity protocols that can facilitate this trade. As a result, the user can easily exchange ETH at a competitive rate via the solution cooperated by CoolWallet App and the 1inch Network.

Expand your crypto portfolio anytime, anywhere

The slim and mobile design enables users to carry the CoolWallet with them and  exchange their cryptocurrencies via 1inch service in a safe environment, enabling the users to react to the currency fluctuations timely and expand their portfolio in cold storage.

Open the CoolWallet App and enjoy the Crypto Exchange service supported by the 1inch Network now!

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide for Crypto Exchange via 1inch and start your crypto exchange journey 🙂

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