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​​CoolWallet Partners With Everstake For XTZ, SOL, ATOM, ADA Staking!

What is Everstake?

Everstake is the biggest decentralized staking provider, trusted by 625,000 users. For the past five years, the company has been using enterprise-level hardware to run over 8000 nodes for 50 blockchain networks.

The company employs 120+ experts worldwide and have been heavily involved in the development of complex blockchain products, such as Metaplex.

Everstake was founded by Sergey Vasylchuk. He’s a software engineer with 15 years of experience involved in the blockchain industry since 2014. Sergey’s the Director of the Metaplex Foundation, the organization behind the NFT standard for Solana called Metaplex.

Why should I use CoolWallet with Everstake to stake crypto?

Advanced security technology to ensure the safety of your crypto

With a unique, sleek design, CoolWallet Pro is equipped with advanced security technologies, such as an encrypted Bluetooth connection (AES 256 military-grade) and 2+1 factor authentication (biometric and physical verification of all transactions via the app and card). As your private key is permanently locked inside CoolWallet Pro’s EAL6+ secure element, your digital assets can not be exposed to external hacks and scams.

Protected by CoolWallet Pro, your crypto assets can be sent out only with your permission. In this staking case, your crypto will be safe in your wallet because what you need to do is to delegate your address rather than send out your crypto through other 3rd-party institutions. In addition, all payouts are calculated and processed automatically by Everstake and sent out directly to your wallet address in CoolWallet. This integrated procedure can protect your assets from malicious actors.


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