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Dole Food To Fully Integrate Blockchain For Tracking by 2025

Hold on to your Dole Whips! It looks like the Dole Food Company is looking to integrate blockchain technology into its supply chain systems by 2025. They plan to adopt distributed ledger technology, or DLT, to improve their food tracing systems. 

How can blockchain can improve Dole’s business model?

According to Dole’s sustainability report, “blockchain cuts the average time needed for food safety investigations from weeks to mere seconds.” Dole has teamed up with Walmart, IBM and other partners to bring blockchain technology to improve food safety. Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, consumers and retailers around the world can reference the supply chain at any time. 

Dole's sustainability report contains plans to implement blockchain technology by 2025.
From Dole’s sustainability report

It also gives them the confidence that the information provided is accurate. Blockchain provides the ability to trace when and where that banana was harvested and how it got into your hands. In the unlikely event of a food recall, investigators can pinpoint the time and location of the tainted product and safely take care of the situation. 

Dole started using blockchain much earlier

The implementation of blockchain is already being used for Dole’s salads and fresh vegetable departments. Several security measures have already been put into place to prevent private information from being shared. This is most likely to protect retailers from unwanted access to any proprietary information they may have.  

We’re glad that major international corporations such as Dole are starting to integrate blockchain into their business model. This not only goes to show that the technology is slowly gaining mainstream success, but also that it benefits both business and consumer. While this news is not crypto-related, it does shine a positive light on the platform that it’s built on. A more decentralized future is something that we look forward to and we are happy that Dole thinks so too.

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