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How to Connect your CoolWallet to Discord

We previously talked about how CoolWallet supports WalletConnect, an open protocol that allows crypto users to connect mobile wallets to desktop Defi apps like Uniswap while keeping your private keys secure. If you haven’t yet, check out our tutorial on how to connect your CoolWallet to other services using WalletConnect.

But did you know that you can now also connect your CoolWallet to Discord? This new feature recently rolled out by Discord is allowing Web 3, MetaMask and WalletConnect-supported wallets to more closely integrate with their favorite projects on the popular social community platform.

With the rise of crypto and NFTs, many crypto users have flooded to the communication platform Discord, which was mainly used before as a communication channel for gamers.

There has been a surge in crypto-related Discord servers, where crypto enthusiasts gather together and create communities surrounding their favorite tokens. 

Discord servers can categorize their members into different roles, and in crypto Discord servers specifically, you can get assigned a role depending on the NFTs / tokens that you own. 

By connecting your wallet to Discord you are able to get these special assigned roles.

How to connect your CoolWallet to Discord with WalletConnect

From the CoolWallet app homepage, scroll down to the WalletConnect button and tap it.

Follow the instructions from the pop up: 

Next, go to your crypto Discord server Collab.Land bot message and click the Let’s go! Button and then click the Connect Wallet button

This will take you to the Collab.land webpage. Choose the WalletConnect option. A QR code will pop up. 

Scan the QR code on Collab.land with your CoolWallet app QR code scanner

Select the wallet address from the list that you want to connect to

Switch on your CoolWallet and confirm the connection on your CoolWallet when prompted

On your CoolWallet app you should see this message:

On your browser you should see this message:

Congrats! You connected your CoolWallet to your crypto Discord server. 

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