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CoinGate and CoolBitX Join Forces to Allow Direct Cryptocurrency Payments on Its Website

This new partnership with CoinGate will enable CoolBitX users to pay with alternative currencies directly on the CoolBitX website; currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum

Taipei, October 2018 – CoolBitX, the creator of the first ever mobile hardware wallet, announces its partnership with CoinGate, the payment gateway for blockchain payments. The CoolBitX-CoinGate cooperation marks the first steps towards global adaptation and implementation of cryptocurrency payments. Anyone looking to purchase the CoolWallet S now has an alternative option to pay using cryptocurrency.

As of 2017, the use of cryptocurrencies and digital asset ownership almost doubled. While many new coins emerged, the three most tried and trusted coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin remained the most viable cryptocurrencies in 2018. While many large online retailers began accepting cryptocurrency payments, there remains a lot of regulation and procedures to set up crypto payment options, making it a lengthy and complicated process. Therefore, many companies resort to third-parties like BitPay or Cryptopay for direct access into the crypto market.

CoolBitX, the maker behind the world’s thinnest hardware wallet, the CoolWallet S, now partners with CoinGate to accept crypto payment for users to purchase the CoolWallet S through its website. Currently accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash on the website, CoolBitX pulled from its own expertise and the feedback from the community on its quest towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency as an alternative payment. As the first hardware wallet company to accept crypto as an alternative payment, they hope to make mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments something attainable and achievable.

“CoolBitX is pleased to announce our website now accepts crypto to purchase the CoolWallet S,” says CoolBitX founder Michael Ou. “We continue to strive to push crypto mainstream as an alternative payment option.”

“It is always a pleasure for us to work with innovative companies in their industry, such as CoolBitX,” says Dmitrijus Borisenka CEO of CoinGate. “We at CoinGate, as frequent cryptocurrency users know the never-ending dilemma of convenience vs. security, while using crypto-wallets. CoolBitX resolved this dilemma for us at once, and we hope other users will also find this vault great for keeping and spending their cryptocurrency.”

Community members can usher in the era of crypto as an alternative payment from the CoolBitX site for $99 to strengthen CoolBitX’s mission to be the pioneer in the blockchain space to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.–

About CoolBitX

CoolBitX, founded in 2014 by Michael Ou, is a FinTech and blockchain security company specializing in manufacturing secure, US-patented digital asset hardware and developing smart contract platforms for millions of users. Backed by $13 million in funding from investors like SBI Holdings and Bitmain, CoolBitX believes the faster decentralized blockchain technology achieves mass adoption and allows people to stop relying on unsecured centralized institutions, the better.

About CoinGate

CoinGate is a payment gateway for blockchain payments. Having started off in 2014, we have made it our mission to grow adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale. With this in mind, CoinGate provides a reliable payments infrastructure that caters for the needs of both merchants and their customers: accessible, convenient and customer oriented. To bridge the gap between cryptocurrency owners, who are looking for ways to use their coins for purchasing goods and services, and merchants, that can easily utilize the benefits of blockchain to grow their businesses, are among our top aims. As such, CoinGate was built with the same values at the core, satisfying both sides of commerce.

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