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CoolWallet Reveals 2024 Roadmap at Taipei Blockchain Week

Last week Taiwan became the epicenter of the blockchain space again for a few days when it hosted Taipei Blockchain Week 2023. The dynamic six-day event themed “Scale”, organized by BuZhiDAO, TABEI and Sora Ventures, was the second of its kind and served not just a gathering but a celebration of Taiwan’s home grown tech talent and burgeoning status as a global Web3 hub. Over 5,000 blockchain enthusiasts, experts, and innovators converged at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in the city center, immersing themselves in the latest crypto narratives and trends that will shape 2024.

Among the standout participants was CoolWallet, the trailblazer in the crypto hardware wallet industry. Recognized by the government in 2021 as a leader in blockchain technology, Team CoolWallet was out in full force at the flagship regional event, hosting a well-attended booth full of promotions as well as contributing to VIP attendees’ gift boxes.

An event highlight was CoolWallet Technical Director Wesley Wen’s panel discussion, where he shared some insights below on wallet technology’s future and current challenges.

CoolWallet Technical Director Discusses Future of Crypto Wallets

Envisioning the Next-Gen Crypto Wallets

As CoolWallet approaches its 10th anniversary in 2024, it’s gearing up for a landmark year with exciting plans, including new product launches and a potential token introduction. Wen has a clear vision for the future of crypto wallets, seeing them evolve into personal vaults that offers seamless access to a diverse range of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, personal data, and content across various blockchains. This evolution aims to address the fragmentation in the current wallet experience, enabling effortless interaction with multiple blockchains without the need to set up and access several different wallets.

Wen pointed out in his panel discussion “Amplifying Web3 Access: Innovations in Wallet Technology” that CoolWallet has always prioritized user-friendly design. Its CoolWallet Pro and S models are testament to this, being card-sized with Bluetooth connectivity and an elite secure element. The upcoming model promises to further simplify hardware wallet usage, making it more accessible, especially for newcomers to the Web3 space.

Balancing Simplicity and Privacy

Wen also addressed the ongoing debate about using a single wallet for all Web3 activities versus multiple wallets for different purposes. CoolWallet’s design offers a solution, allowing users to create up to 99 different addresses, each with its own identity. This flexibility ensures a balance between simplicity and privacy needs.

Enhancing Safety and Expanding User Base

CoolWallet is committed to supporting multiple new blockchain networks and enhancing its Smart Scan feature to protect users against harmful dApps, addresses, and tokens. Plans are also underway to develop a new product tailored for new Web3 users, as part of their strategy to broaden their user base.

“We were thrilled to participate and connect again with Taiwan’s vibrant blockchain community at this important event,” said Wen. “Judging by the tremendous energy and optimism here despite tough macro-economic conditions this year, the future is brighter than ever for Web3 and blockchain technology not only in Taiwan, but globally. Enhancing wallet safety and ease of use remains a top priority and must be addressed if we want to reach mass adoption.”

Highlights from Taipei Blockchain Week 2023

Taipei Blockchain Week boasted over 200 expert in-person and virtual speakers, including industry giants like Vitalik Buterin, Brian Armstrong, and new Binance chief Richard Teng. Topics ranged from cryptocurrencies and DeFi to NFTs and more. The Sora Summit focused on Bitcoin utility, cryptography, decentralized science, and NFT applications, with speakers from leading organizations like Coinbase and AMD.

Side events covered gaming, investment, infrastructure development, and women empowerment in blockchain. The first three days featured hackathons, challenging developers to create innovative solutions using platforms like Avalanche and BNB Chain. A significant focus was on the growing ecosystem of Bitcoin Ordinals , with keynotes and discussions by Ordinals inventor Casey Rodarmor and BRC20 creator Domo.

Taiwan: A Rising Star in Blockchain

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 not only set new records but also reinforced Taiwan’s position as a major force in blockchain adoption and a breeding ground for industry talent.

As Wen aptly commented, “The future is brighter than ever for Web3 and blockchain technology, not only in Taiwan but globally.” He emphasized CoolWallet’s strong community and big coverage in Asia, and added that new markets in Europe and US would be a focus for the cold wallet brand in 2024.

Stay tuned on our blog and Twitter for some huge announcements in 2024, and happy holidays to everyone!

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