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Fiat to Crypto Exchange Added to CoolWallet S Through BANXA

It has been an exciting past couple of weeks here at CoolWallet. Not only have we added more in-app crypto to crypto support thanks to a partnership with ChangeHero, the ability to purchase crypto with your credit card or bank transfer is now available. This is all thanks to our recent partnership with BANXA. Customers with a CoolWallet S can now purchase crypto directly from the CoolBitX app with a credit card! 

Win a free special-edition BANXA branded CoolWallet S

To celebrate this partnership, we are issuing a special-edition BANXA branded CoolWallet S. An online contest to win one of these special-edition CoolWallet’s is being held on Twitter. To enter, all you have to do is:

This contest will end on 7/20/2020. Winners will be drawn and announced on 7/23/2020.

On top of this giveaway, we are offering ZERO fees up until 8/7/2020 for all transactions through BANXA. There’s really no better time than now to get your feet wet with a little crypto!

What is BANXA?

Since 2014, BANXA has been an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange operator. Their mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to people around the world. People around the world enjoy using BANXA’s service to conveniently and most importantly of all, securely purchase and trade crypto. 

Now that BANXA is built right into the CoolWallet’s ecosystem, customers can now purchase crypto directly through BANXA and transfer it directly into cold storage. Convenience and security has never been so accessible. To read more about how to use BANXA with your CoolWallet S, you can click here.

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