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CoolWallet Becomes First Aptos (APT) Supporting Hardware Wallet For Convenient Cold Storage

Web3 hardware wallet CoolWallet has become the first leading cold storage solution to support the exciting new cryptocurrency Aptos (APT), created by the team behind Facebook’s Diem project. During our first phase of support, CoolWallet Pro users will be able to send and receive APT, which will at a later stage be followed by trading and swapping support.

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Aptos has been highly touted as a so-called “Solana Killer” thanks to its super-high transaction speeds and scalability and its unique Move language created by Diem. This is because Aptos uses a new transaction-ordering technique called “parallel execution” that was first theorized for Diem. It greatly speeds up the procession of transactions compared to other blockchains while keeping fees ultra-low.

CoolWallet’s Aptos integration follows our existing native cold storage support of the world’s best layer-1 and layer-2 network and ecosystem chains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Tezos, Polygon, Arbitrum, Cardano and more, and opens up a vibrant new crypto frontier for our CoolWallet users. Layer-1 networks are tomorrow’s Web3 ecosystems and CoolWallet aims to secure them all with the most secure and convenient cold storage possible.

Why is Aptos so hyped?

 Aptos is highly touted for its incredible performance that has allowed it to hit 130,000 TPS on its testnet and pull this off without trading security or stability. In comparison, Ethereum currently can handle about 30 TPS, and Solana, which has been troubled by network outages, can do about 65,000. This issue of transaction speed, along with the pedigree of the two Aptos founders, has been foremost in a lot of the media coverage of the project.

Moreover, it has the world’s biggest crypto backers behind it, which is a great indicator of future success. In 2022 Aptos raised over $350 million from many notable venture capital firms, including Multicoin Capital, a16z, Hashed, Three Arrows Capital, Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, Jump Capital and FTX Ventures.

CoolWallet is an Aptos (APT) Hardware Wallet

CoolWallet_APTOS - New_Chain_Support

CoolWallet Pro is the first Aptos hardware wallet that offers secure native APT support This Bluetooth-powered hardware wallet, first launched in 2016, is ideal for Aptos wallet owners on the go, because it is so convenient, safe and easy to use. It is trusted by retail users and big crypto firms alike. Some of the most notable co-branding partners of CoolWallet are Binance, Crypto.com, OKeX, CoinMarketCap, Litecoin Foundation, MetaMask and many more.

Safety: CoolWallet provides top Aptos cold storage security and peace of mind thanks to its powerful hardware security features, such as:

  • EAL6+ secure element
  • encrypted military-grade Bluetooth communication
  • 2+1 FA biometric verification that requires a physical button push for all transactions. 
  • e-ink screen to visually confirm all DOT transaction details

Convenience: CoolWallet Pro looks like a normal bank card and is completely waterproof and tamper-proof thanks to its patented cold compression design. This makes it the best Aptos hardware wallet to discreetly keep with you wherever you go and send and receive APT as you wish in safe cold storage, without drawing any attention. 

So don’t delay any further. Get your Aptos-supporting CoolWallet Pro today!

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