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Ground Control to Major Tom: Bitcoin Sent from Space!

Our favorite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, has just received his first Bitcoin. While this news should be exciting enough, it wasn’t until we realized where this BTC was sent from that blew our minds. That’s right, this Bitcoin was sent from space! It would make sense that Mr. Hadfield’s first transaction would be from a place he feels so at home though.


The transaction took place during Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 and was sent by Samson Mow (@Excellion), CSO of Blockstream. According to his tweet, the BTC was sent via their Blockstream Satellite service. This service broadcasts blockchain around the world to allow everyone to make transactions. Customers in the satellite coverage area that own an inexpensive antenna or USB receiver can receive and send BTC. Pretty cool stuff. 

Chris Hadfield Receives His First Bitcoin

Celebrity astronaut, Chris Hadfield was featured as a keynote speaker at the ABS2020 convention. He talked about his experience in the great unknown as well as his views on the future of space travel. This also meant he talked about how blockchain technology could also play a huge role. It was during his keynote speech that Samson sent him his first Bitcoin. Mr. Mow commented with “It’s great to be able to send Chris his first bit of BTC and start him down the rabbit hole.

Well we wish Chris a happy journey as he ventures further down that rabbit hole! Let’s just hope he keeps his out-of-this-world BTC and other crypto safe in cold storage.

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