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It Goes to 11! Bitcoin Passes the $11,000 Mark

To HODL or not HODL? That is the question. Bitcoin (BTC) has hit a new high in 2020 amidst all the uncertainty in economies around the world. The popular (and original) cryptocurrency hit a peak of approximately $11,394. At the time of this article, BTC has slightly lost some steam and is now sitting in the upper $10,000 range.

While this is exciting news for a lot of cryptocurrency owners out there, the question of whether or not to hold (HODL) or sell crosses the minds of many. For a lot of the HODLer’s out there, the answer is simple. They won’t sell. For those who are looking to make a small profit, they’ll most likely sell.

BTC has been steadily floating around the $9,000 to $10,000 price for quite some time now. The sudden spike in price was both unprecedented and a nice surprise for many. While we are in no way qualified to give any sort of investment advice, what we can recommend is that you make sure your crypto is stored safely and securely. Keeping your digital assets in cold storage is the best way to do that.

With CoolWallet S, you can keep your crypto in cold storage and offline so that you have full control of your tokens. HODL to your heart’s content and when you wish to purchase, trade or sell, you can do it all within the CoolWallet app.

Whether you want to HODL or sell when the getting is good, keeping your keys on you at all times is most important! Stay safe out there! 

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