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Coca-Cola Vending Machines to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Many enjoy vending machines around the world for their convenience and ease-of-use. Whether it be for a quick snack or maybe even an impulse buy at the airport, vending machines provide a service that benefits everyone. Recently, there’s been some exciting news for all you HODLers out there. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, select Coca-Cola vending machines will now accept Bitcoin as payment. Over 2,000 Coca-Cola machines will have the pay by BTC option available. 

Coca-Cola vending machines to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments in Australia and New Zealand

Purchasing with BTC is available to all Sylo Smart Wallet customers. All that is required is that you have BTC in stored in their hot wallet. For new customers, all they have to do is download the Sylo app to their smartphone. After setting up an account, add some Bitcoin to it and simply scan the QR code that is displayed on the vending machine display.

Currently, only Bitcoin payments are supported as part of a trial run. However, support for other coins may be added in the future. What we suggest would be to first, keep a majority of your crypto in cold storage, like the CoolWallet S. You can then transfer some funds into a hot wallet to use for daily spending. 

News like this definitely keeps us optimistic about a more decentralized future. The ability to spend crypto out in the real world is something that will bridge the gap between the traditional and future markets. If purchasing a Coke with Bitcoin is as easy as scanning a QR code, we hope that others in the blockchain community can implement this tech into other places and applications. 

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