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CoolBitX and OKLink Partner For a Deep On-Chain Data Experience

CoolBitX has teamed up with OKLink, the world’s leading multi-chain blockchain explorer tool, to integrate the OKLink browser into CoolWallet, CoolBitX’s flagship Web3 wallet, in order to provide users with a more transparent information tool to enhance their control over their own asset transaction details.

OKLink supports a plethora of the world’s best blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Tron, Arbitrum, Tether USD, Solana, Aptos, and Litecoin, to name a few. All these chains also enjoy integrated support of their native crypto assets on the CoolWallet Pro hardware wallet and Web3 hub CoolWallet App.

After completing a transaction, CoolWallet users can now access OKLink with one click to view the transaction amount, time, blockchain, hash, and address information available on the original transaction details page as well as additional transaction details such as:

  • block information,
  • third-party DeFi services,
  • and gas limit

Furthermore, CoolWallet will soon introduce a new feature that allows users to enjoy a more user-friendly experience by accessing real-time on-chain data, such as main chain information, wallet address, coin/token, and Web3 project details directly through the OKLink browser within CoolWallet.

About OKLink

OKLink is a world-class Web3 data analysis platform that offers browser queries, retrieval, and analysis services for over 20 public chains including BTC, ETH, and Polygon. OKLink also supports multi-dimensional data services such as TVL lock-up data, popular NFT project information, popular smart contract, and GAS data, and has its own layer-1 chain, OKT Chain, an EVM and IBC-compatible network build on Cosmos (ATOM).

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