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CoolBitX-JOYSO Partner to End Exchange Hacks; Delivers the Most Secure Mobile Cryptocurrency Exchange

14 June 2018 – Taipei, Taiwan —

CoolBitX announced today that it has partnered with the decentralized exchange, JOYSO to allow trading directly on a hardware wallet. This partnership natively combines CoolBitX’s mobile cold storage hardware wallet, CoolWallet S, with JOYSO’s hybrid decentralized exchange (HEX) to allow customers to securely trade on their wallet and smartphones.

“The CoolBitX-JOYSO partnership is an industry first. Before this, cryptocurrency users had to choose between security or convenience. Now the industry can have both. Users will finally be able to trade peer-to-peer knowing they are safe from hacks. This is a revolutionary way to trade, and this is how trading should be done” comments Michael Ou, CEO of CoolBitX.

CoolBitX Partnership with JOYSO the Crypto ExchangeThe CoolWallet S is a wireless hardware wallet made for iOS — including the iPhone, the iPad — and any Android device. It offers offline private key cold storage, exchange capabilities, and free over-the-air updates for future coin, token, and ICO support.

Users will now be able to conduct direct peer-to-peer trades for the first time using a hardware wallet. The JOYSO decentralized exchange offers off-chain matching and on-chain settlement of real time orders, speeding up transaction confirmation time. More importantly, users will have complete custody over their private keys in a trustable, secure environment on the CoolWallet S while they trade.

Before the CoolBitX-JOYSO partnership, all trades involving hardware wallets had to be conducted on a desktop computer using multiple party integration to manage and send funds. Now, trades can be conducted quickly on a mobile device using native wallet-exchange integration.

A platform that offers safe, convenient, and quick trades using decentralized applications (dApps) and cold storage is a major innovation in the blockchain industry. The CoolBitX-JOYSO partnership marks the first blockchain project to successfully achieve this goal. Learn more at coolwallet.io or follow them on Twitter: twitter.com/coolwallet.

CoolBitX – Leading FinTech and Blockchain Security Company

CoolBitX, founded in 2014 by Michael Ou, is a FinTech and blockchain security company specializing in manufacturing secure, US patented digital asset hardware. CoolBitX is backed by SBI Holdings, where they completed an eight-figure Series-A strategic investment round in March 2018.

Press Relations:

Thomas Maxon

Marketing Manager

[email protected]

JOYSO – World’s First Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange

JOYSO, founded by Tom Soong, is a hybrid decentralized exchange platform launched in May 2018.  It completed its ICO March 2018. JOYSO offers off-chain matching and on-chain settlement of real time orders with high priorities on user experience, security, and efficiency.

For more information, visit https://joyso.io/

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