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CoolWallet S Announces Partnership with Kinesis

The beginning of 2020 has been quite an exciting time for us here at CoolWallet. Our successful Series B funding along with other partnerships have definitely kept us optimistic amidst some of the more negative events lately. Some good news in a time like this is always welcome, right? Well, we are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Kinesis to bring another stylish co-branded CoolWallet S for the crypto community. Let’s dive in and see what Kinesis is all about. 

What is Kinesis?

Founded by ABX, an online exchange platform for physical bullion, Kinesis offers yield-bearing digital currencies that are backed by physical gold and silver. Both of their tokens, KAU (for gold) and KAG (for silver), are based on a 1:1 allocation. 1 KAU is equal to 1 gram of gold and 1 KAG is equal to 1 ounce of silver. These tokens are considered to be stablecoins as their price is backed by a reserve asset. Their physical gold and silver reserves are located at nine fully insured vaults around the world to ensure security and accountability.

Kinesis offers four products to its customers. 

  1. Kinesis Money – A platform that allows customers to set up an account that can store, send and trade their KAU, KAG, and other crypto and fiat currencies. 
  2. Kinesis Exchange – A platform that allows customers to trade in various markets using their crypto, fiat and Kinesis gold and silver. 
  3. Kinesis Mint – A system that allows customers to send, spend and make transactions across the Kinesis network using gold and silver.

The Kinesis CoolWallet

The special edition Kinesis-branded CoolWallet S

Save the best for last, right? The fourth product is the Kinesis CoolWallet. It is well known in the cryptocurrency industry that storing your keys on a hardware wallet is the best way to keep your investments safe. The CoolWallet is a great option for customers who are looking for an extra layer of security. The mobility and convenience of the CoolWallet allows customers access to their Kinesis (KAU and KAG) funds on-the-go through its smartphone app, CoolBitX. Keys to your tokens are securely stored in the card’s hardware and the CoolWallet’s authentication procedure ensures a safe transaction, everytime. The app is designed for iOS and Android devices and carries support for other leading cryptocurrencies. Whether you are already a part of the Kinesis community or just curious about it, the Kinesis CoolWallet is a great way to support both the crypto community and the future of blockchain technology. Partnerships like these really drive the importance of security in the industry forward and we hope to bring more just like it in the future!

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