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CoolWallet Unveils CoolKey Crypto Steel Wallet

CoolWallet is expanding its award-winning range of blockchain security products with a powerful new last line of defence to keep your digital assets as safe as Fort Knox. 

We’re excited to introduce CoolKey, our beautifully crafted new steel wallet which allows our users to backup their recovery seed on a virtually indestructible metal plate that fully protects it against environmental damage such as fire or flooding. 

It completes a trifecta of industry-leading CoolWallet products, complementing our CoolWallet Pro and S hardware wallets and CoolWallet App to ensure the most cohesive cold storage protection for your digital assets.

While our elite CoolWallet Pro hardware wallet provides Web3 users with the most secure cold storage on the market thanks to innovations like an ultra-safe EAL6+ secure element, military-grade encrypted Bluetooth, SmartScan anti-phishing protection and a tamper proof and waterproof casing, securing your crypto has a critically important additional responsibility that’s often overlooked:

Protecting your backup recovery seed phrase, 12 to 24 sequential words or number sets that enables you to restore your wallet elsewhere if needed. Expose it to third parties or water or fire damage, and you may very well have to kiss all your crypto goodbye, like these poor people. 

Why CoolWallet Built Our Own Metal Wallet

While we previously worked with other steel wallet vendors to offer co-branded product bundles, we decided it was time to put the CoolWallet stamp of quality on our very own steel wallet that boasts the same level of aesthetics and durability you expect from us. 

Among other things, we found that existing steel wallets had some significant weaknesses which we could improve upon, such as a spring lock that’s hard to close and easy to break, insufficient number of letters (4) and rough edges. 

Introducing CoolKey Steel Wallet

This is why we’ve designed CoolKey. CoolWallet’s new CoolKey steel wallet is made from the most durable metal out there, with fine edging to avoid any hand scraping, and it comes with these features: 

  • 5 letters that are compatible with all BIP39 wallets
  • 2 x metal sheets
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • bank card dimensions (12.4cm x 6cm x 0.6cm)
  • lightweight (260g)

CoolKey will retail with a price tag of $99 at the time of its launch. Look out for introductory promotions that bundle CoolWallet Pro with it! 

Let’s review in more detail why a metal wallet should be an essential component of everyone’s crypto portfolio security. 

CoolKey: Elevating Crypto Security from Billfodl

CoolKey represents a significant advancement over Billfodl, featuring key improvements for enhanced durability and user convenience. By incorporating the CoolWallet logo, it connects users to a brand synonymous with secure, stylish crypto management. The removal of the spring lock simplifies the setup process and increases safety, eliminating the risk of hand injuries. Fine edging prevents hand scraping, ensuring a more comfortable handling experience. Each CoolKey comes with a screwdriver, providing all necessary tools for an immediate setup. These upgrades highlight CoolKey’s commitment to setting new standards in steel wallet design and functionality, offering a superior solution for safeguarding digital assets.

What Is A Crypto Steel Wallet?

Cryptocurrency investors go to great lengths to protect their private keys and seed phrases. One of the most secure methods is to use a steel wallet (also called a metal wallet) – durable cold storage that keeps your crypto offline.

Steel cryptocurrency wallets are made of solid stainless steel plates or sheets engraved with your private key or seed words for a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, or other cryptocurrency holdings. For a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet like CoolWallet, it can restore all your assets in case you lose your phone or hardware wallet. A metal wallet enables you to store crypto assets in cold storage offline, safe from hackers, malware, and other digital threats.

Why Are Steel Wallets Important?

Steel’s durability makes it one of the most reliable materials for permanently preserving sensitive crypto data like private keys or recovery seeds. 

  • It can withstand house fires, floods, and other disasters that could easily destroy paper wallets and USB drives. 
  • The rugged quality also means steel wallets are incredibly difficult to destroy intentionally. 
  • Even a hammer blow won’t easily damage engraved steel crypto wallets. 

If you have a sizable crypto portfolio, a steel wallet is worth its weight in gold. 

What Do Steel Wallets Do?

These wallets contain all the essential data you need to access your cryptocurrency holdings offline. You simply engrave, stamp or use provided letters to record your private key, recovery phrase words or QR code onto stainless steel. This preserves an offline record that only you can access via the metal steel wallet. Make sure to keep it in a secure and secret location of your choice where only you have access to it. Remember, all it takes is 2 seconds for someone to take a photo of your recovery key and then steal your funds later at their discretion. 

Key Features Your Steel Wallet Should Have

Look for steel crypto wallets:

  • made from durable stainless steel at least 2mm thick (CoolKey= 6mm!)
  • with industry-standard BIP39 recovery phrase compatibility for multiple currencies
  • with an easy-to-use template and setup
  • with certified fire/water-resistance protection.

Why It’s Worth the Cost

Quality steel wallets provide exceptionally durable crypto backup and peace of mind against loss. Unlike easily damaged paper wallets, quality steel effectively stays intact for decades. This means steel wallets provide reliable protection that cheap paper and plastic simply can’t match. 

Storing any significant amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto calls for a steel wallet’s formidable long-term protection against hazards that could wipe out less robust cold storage options. Steel offers proven durability to keep your phrases safely engraved – a wise investment for irreplaceable crypto assets.

For serious crypto wealth storage, steel wallets are often worth the investment for bulletproof security and works in tandem with a hardware wallet to offer you the best possible cold storage security for your crypto.

So get the best accessory for your CoolWallet Pro and CoolWallet App. Get a CoolKey!

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