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How I Got Into Crypto -Coolwallet Users Share Their Stories

On Bitcoin Pizza Day, the celebration of the first Bitcoin transaction in which physical goods were purchased( 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC, now worth $80 million!), we ran a competition and asked our Twitter and Facebook to tell us how they got into cryptocurrency in order to qualify for prizes.


Here are a few of the best stories!

From rags to riches, and riches to rags. From tugboats to tutorials on free money. From working in a pizza joint 9 years ago (hmmm) to paying for surgery with Bitcoin. We’re amazed by all your stories and how diverse our community is.

Thanks for sharing your stories and for making CoolBitX and our CoolWallet an important part of your journey and financial future.


Sad to hear. Hope you got some money out.
You married her?? (Just kidding!)
We only started in 2014- sorry to hear
Hope you nailed the surgery and that bull run!
Drinks on you then?
Funny, I was at that restaurant 2 years earlier, busy writing a whitepaper for a new electronic cash system… tbh I forgot what I did with it. Left it with a guy named Craig.

The moon.. you would’ve been on the moon.
100BTC in a few months… that must have been an amazing free hacking course!
You’re welcome. We’re all about lunar power here, but it’s great to hear you’re helping to save the planet. We love heartwarming instead of earth-warming stories.

From our Facebook page


Stay the course Hans.
Hope you still have that tugboat, and that you get to upgrade it with your crypto earnings!

It could have been your body Jeremy. But yeah.

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