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Phishing Scam Alert: CoolWallet / CoolBitX Does Not Have A Customer Support Phone Number

Dear CoolWallet Community,

We’d like to notify you of an old but effective phishing scam which has recently resurfaced and is targeting Ledger, MEW and Jaxx users.

Some innocent searches like “MEW phone support” will direct Google users to a website that provides a fake phone number. When the user calls the number, a scammer will answer who will impersonate a legitimate cryptocurrency company in order to steal the user’s private key or seed recovery wallet.

Read about the Ledger and MEW phone phishing scam.

Please note:

We have no knowledge of any phishing scams currently targeting CoolWallet S users, so there’s no reason to be alarmed. We are just warning our users to be careful when getting in touch with us.

CoolWallet owners: Read here how to avoid 3 types of phishing scams

Important: CoolBitX/CoolWallet does not provide any customer phone support

Coolwallet and CoolBitX don't offer phone support

For security and logistical reasons, CoolBitX, the company making the CoolWallet, doesn’t offer phone support for customers. This is in line with industry standards as followed by almost all crypto service providers, including Ledger and Trezor.

If you see a customer support phone number from us… It’s FAKE.

Please report it to us here immediately.

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