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User Testimonial: “The mobile way for digital assets”- Mr. B XRP

This week we’d like to share another special review of the CoolWallet S with our readers, and specifically those of you part of the XRP community.

Our latest testimonial comes from straight-talking Mr. B XRP, who’s built a loyal Twitter following with his honest reflections on Ripple and XRP.

As you may know, the CoolWallet S support XRP and allows you to securely store Ripple on our hardware wallet. You can read our comprehensive Ripple wallet guide here.

Mr. B XRP’s CoolWallet Review

Interesting Features & Facts

  • Works with iOS & Android App
  • Connects by secure encrypted Bluetooth (AES256)
  • No computer needed
  • Waterproof (confirmed by company)
  • As slim as a credit card & ultra light
  • Digital display (e-paper)
  • Fits inside my phone case
  • Facial recognition (if available on your phone)
  • Changelly integration on App (swap DA’s)
  • Price $99 or 2 for $159 (compared to Ledger Nano X $119 each / 2 for $238)

Full Disclosure:

I asked the CoolWallet team if they could send me a unit to do an honest review and if they didn’t I would still buy one and do it. They did it at no cost and I am not being compensated otherwise for the review. Any income received through their affiliate program, I will contribute 50% to support the kids @ St. Jude’s.


My first impression was that the packaging was very nicely done. It was shrink-wrapped and also had a second security strip so that you know that it wasn’t tampered with.

Because it is a small package, the instructions were impossible for me to read (I am old) and I literally had to blow them up on my copy machine.

(image by CoolWallet)

Setup and Charging

Be sure to look at the instructions so you know you put it in the charger properly during set up. Instructions say it should stay charged for 2-3 weeks, but the company tweeted 2-4 months depending on use.

(image by company)

Setup for me was far easier than the Ledger Nano S, which for me was very hard to learn and use.  I had to watch multiple videos to figure the Nano out.

But the CoolWallet S was easy to set up once the firmware updated.

Backup of Seed

I didn’t know how to use the QR code to download the app (laugh if you want) so I downloaded it from the Apple store.

Setting up the recovery seed phrase was super easy and they have a very smart way of being sure you wrote it down right.

CoolWallet recovery seed card
(Image by CoolWallet)

They use numbers then ask you to total all the numbers to see if it matches up.


E-Ink Card Display

I can say the display is small but it’s so damn impressive to have a display in a product this small, that I don’t feel like complaining.

The App

The app is called CoolBitX, named after the makers of the CoolWallet, and the company mentioned that you should only download the official versions on the app stores.

With the app you really don’t need the display too much anyways and it’s super easy to use. Sending and receiving XRP was easy, less than 2 min from Bittrex to app and card.

Digital Assets

The app has 17 digital assets on it, all the major ones and many I’ve never heard of.

(Editor: The CoolWallet S supports Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ERC20 Tokens and others. Learn more here)

Security & Transacting

I wish there was a password to open the app, but when you send and receive assets, you can use facial recognition, which is good enough for me.

Once your face is recognized, you then need to physically press the button on the card as the final confirmation step, which is you how access your private keys.

CoolWallet S requires a physical verification (button push) to ensure user safety

(image by company)

( CoolBitX, the makers of the CoolWallet S, mentioned that your private keys stay hidden inside its CCEAL5+ certified secure element at all times).

I like the fact that the only thing you use the card for is one button to send and receive and everything else is on the app.

Best feature: Convenience & Portability

I think it’s way more convenient to carry the CoolWallet S than to carry a Ledger Nano S. I wouldn’t carry either with a ton of digital assets on them.

However, if I was going mobile and wanted to take DA’s with me, the CoolWallet S is definitely the way to go.

….If I was going mobile and wanted to take digital assets with me, the CoolWallet S is definitely the way to go.


It may be better to compare the CoolWallet S with the Ledger Nano X, because it too has an app, but even if Ledger’s app is as good as theirs, I still think the CoolWallet S is easier to transport as it fits inside my iPhone case. 

Trusted partnership

As for trust int the company, I did confirm that SBI is a partner in the company and SBI’s CEO Yoshitaka Kitao is also an investor in Ripple and a major XRP holder.


This hardware wallet is definitely worth the 99$ price tag and I don’t think it will disappoint. “

Mr. B XRP  

Thanks Mr. B XRP for your review. We appreciate the feedback.

For those of you looking to learn more about the CoolWallet, you can learn more by clicking here.

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