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Step-by-Step Guide – TRX Staking

Are you ready to earn passive income through TRX staking?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to stake TRX using the CoolWallet App and CoolWallet Pro.

Step 1. Download the latest CoolWallet App and have your CoolWallet Pro ready.

Download on the App Store / Download on the Google Play Store

Step 2. Navigate to the “Marketplace” section at the bottom of the App and select “Staking.” Then choose “TRX.” 

Step 3. If you haven’t activated TRX in your wallet, click “Activate TRX” to do so. If TRX is already activated, click “Stake” and enter the amount of TRX you wish to stake. Then, click “Continue” to proceed.

(Note: If you don’t have TRX to stake, you can purchase or swap for TRX within the CoolWallet App, though this is not financial advice.)

Step 4. Next, you’ll need your CoolWallet Pro to complete the first transaction confirmation process called “Freeze” to confirm the TRX amount you want to stake.

Step 5. After that, you’ll need to complete the second transaction confirmation process known as “Vote” to select a validator.

Step 6. At this “Vote” stage, you will notice that the displayed figure represents the total TRX staked, including the TRX amount staked previously, not just the newly added staking amount. Please complete the transaction confirmation process to successfully stake your TRX.

Note: If you add new TRX staking alongside existing staked TRX assets, all TRX staked assets from the same address will be staked through the latest validator, regardless of whether it’s the same as the previous staking.

TRON Stake 2.0 Introduction

What is TRX Staking?

Staking TRX is based on DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) according to its staking mechanism. Through CoolWallet’s service, you can easily participate in the Tron network and earn rewards.

How to stake?

Please follow the guide above and note that if you add a new TRX staking with existing staked TRX assets, regardless of whether the selected validator is the same as the previous staking, all TRX staked assets from the same address will be staked through the latest validator.

How are rewards calculated?

Staking rewards are distributed by Super Representatives based on the rules they set. You can visit the StakingRewards TRX reward calculator to check the rewards you can earn.

How to claim rewards?

On the “Manage Stakes” page, you can find the real-time accumulated rewards. Click “Claim Rewards” and select a staking reward. The reward will be sent to your staking address. Every 24 hours, you can claim rewards once. Your staked assets will not be affected or unstaked due to claiming rewards.

How to retrieve staked assets?

First, click on “Request to Unstake” and select a staking item. You will need to wait for 14 days and then the TRX assets will be sent to your address, completing the retrieval. No rewards will be accumulated during this period.

What are penalties?

According to Tron’s operational rules, if a validator is penalized by the Tron network for misconduct, the TRX assets you have staked may also be subject to a partial penalty. Learn more

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