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TOKEN2049 Preview: CoolBitX in Hong Kong this week

CEO Michael Ou is set for a keynote speech at TOKEN2049 and a Litecoin panel discussion with Litecoin’s Charlie Lee this Thursday in Hong Kong

Token2049 Hong Kong

The CoolBitX team will be at major Hong Kong blockchain conference TOKEN2049 this week to deliver some exciting news.

Don’t miss our CEO Michael Ou’s keynote speech this Thursday 14 March 2019 at 10AM. Michael’s talk will center on “moving toward the world’s first regulator-approved crypto withdrawal solution” and will take place in Grand Ballroom 2.

Then, later on Thursday, Michael will join a fascinating panel discussion with Litecoin founder and big CoolWallet supporter Charlie Lee at the Litecoin meetup (details here)

token 2049 litecoin meetup with speaker Michael Ou and Charlie Lee

What is TOKEN2049?

TOKEN2049 is the largest digital asset event in Asia, and draws over 2000 participants, with hundreds of C-Suite Executives and founders from all over the world’s digital token industry attending, speaking and networking.

When is Token2049?

This exciting blockchain exhibition takes place this Wednesday and Thursday 13-14 March 2019 at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong.

What’s Happening at Token2049?

The event will take an in-depth look at global changes in the crypto eco-system and share a bird’s eye view of the token industry and the still abundant opportunities on offer.

Who’s attending Token2049?

A stellar lineup that includes some of the world’s most prominent projects and major digital asset funds will come to Hong Kong to share their experiences of the last year and provide an insider’s perspective into the expanding crypto universe.

High-profile speakers confirmed for this year are founders and CEO’s Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Charles Hoskinson (Cardano), Justin Lee (Tron), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Hongfei Da (NEO) and Jun Li (Ontology) and many more from other upcoming projects like Ziliqa, Lisk, Wanchain, Elastos and many more.

They will be joined by hundreds of major international media members, thought leaders, regulators and participants for two very intensive days of discussion, learning and networking.

Check in next week for a full debriefing. We should have some very interesting news to share!


CoolBitX team

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