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Tony Hawk Foundation Now Accepts Bitcoin (BTC) Through the Lightning Network

Tony Hawk, legendary professional skateboarder, entrepreneur and inspiration for many people (including a few of us at CoolWallet S) has just announced that his foundation, the Tony Hawk Foundation, now gladly accepts Bitcoin donations through Bitpay and OpenNode.

Donate Bitcoin to the Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation, founded by Tony Hawk in 2002, focuses on building skateparks across America to promote exercise and self-esteem for the youth. Since its inception, over 500 grant recipients have successfully opened skateparks for their communities. Some grants have even been awarded abroad in countries such as Cambodia and South Africa. 

Tony Hawk is also considered an early adopter of Bitcoin, being active in the community for over 5 years. He will also be a speaker at Bitcoin 2020.

With such an amazing foundation now accepting Bitcoin, we here at CoolBitX think this is a step in the right direction. Tony Hawk is one of the most influential people that brought skateboarding into the mainstream and we are hoping that he will help bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency along for the ride. With that said, we’re really hoping he brings that ramp.

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