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Twitch Offers 10% Discount to Those Who Pay With Crypto

With the recent news of BitPay support landing on CoolWallet S, we’re excited to see that Twitch is now offering a 10% discount to customers who pay with cryptocurrency. The popular online streaming service is among the many vendors who support BitPay. 

Use your CoolWallet S to watch your favorite streamers on Twitch

Twitch, mostly known as a live-stream channel for many famous gamers around the world, has almost 30,000 partner channels, over 2 million streamers and a whopping 15 million active users daily. By subscribing to Twitch, you will gain access to exclusive emotes and badges in addition to being able to follow your favorite streamers. 

CoolWallet S becomes the first hardware wallet to fully integrate BitPay into its ecosystem.

Now that CoolWallet S has fully integrated Bitpay into its ecosystem, customers can now purchase a Twitch subscription directly from the CoolBitX Crypto app using their CoolWallet to verify payments. The crypto stored in your wallet will be transferred directly through BitPay and you’ll get that sweet, sweet 10% discount! 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, staying at home and supporting your favorite streamers is a great thing to do! We here on the CoolWallet team are particularly looking forward to being able to use crypto to support our favorite Fortnite and League of Legends streamers. It’s great to see that Twitch is taking the initiative to bring more practical uses of crypto! 

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