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Dogechain Guide : The Meme Chain Bringing $DOGE To DeFi and NFTs

Table of Contents

  • What is Dogechain?
  • The Dogechain Ecosystem and Tokens
  • Connecting Dogechain to the World
  • Building on Dogechain
  • The Future is Bright: Dogechain 2.0 zkEVM
  • Dogechain (DC) Staking
  • The Road Ahead: Where Dogechain is Headed
  • CoolWallet + Dogechain: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven
  • Wrap Up

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is for educational purposes only and that there is no financial advice of any kind offered in any way, and shouldn’t be construed as such. Please invest responsibly, use wallet safety best practice and do your own research.


With memecoin season 2024 in full flow on smart contract networks like BNB Chain and Solana and a host of layer-2 chains like Polygon and Base, fading the world’s most famous Shiba Inu as it unofficially extends its little paws to new areas like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is simply not an option. Yes, we’re talking about Doge, just not the one you know about. 

Meet Dogechain, the game-changing EVM-compatible smart chain built on Polygon Edge (which has since been deprecated) that has been revolutionizing the Dogecoin community since its hyped launch in 2022. At the end of 2023, the Dogechain community voted to migrate over Polygon CDK, the powerful latest iteration of the MATIC network, and build Dogechain 2.0 on it. It’s also active on the new Polygon zkEVM testnet

While it may seem a little barking mad at first, this cool platform is unlocking a world of possibilities for $DOGE holders by providing them with unparalleled utility and access to the ever-expanding realm of DeFi. 

Here’s how:

  • By enabling users to pay for their on-chain gas fees using Dogecoin, Dogechain is staying true to the ethos of the original Doge movement. 
  • Plus, with Polygon’s efficient and cost-effective technology under the hood, Dogechain can process a staggering 5,000 transactions per second at a fraction of the cost – we’re talking pennies per transaction! 
  • This means your Elon’s doggy coin will go further than ever before.

But that’s just the beginning. Dogechain is also opening the floodgates to a whole new universe of dapps for Doge holders. From swapping tokens and earning yield through liquidity provision to lending, borrowing, and even minting NFTs and playing blockchain games, Dogechain has it all. The best part? It’s all accessible to one of the strongest communities in crypto – the Doge community.

So, What Exactly is Dogechain? 

As we mentioned earlier, Dogechain is a blockchain built on top of Polygon CDK that’s fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that developers can easily port over their Ethereum dapps to Dogechain without breaking a sweat. Plus, with its new Polygon zkEVM integration (they’re already on the testnet as mentioned earlier), Dogechain 2.0 as it’s called, is going to be able to tap into some pretty cool features like zero-knowledge proofs and cross-chain magic.

Dogechain uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which is a fancy way of saying that it’s fast, cheap, and eco-friendly. Validators keep the network running smoothly, and in return, they earn some sweet rewards. This setup allows Dogechain to process transactions faster than you can say “who let the Doge out” all while keeping gas fees low.

What is Dogechain 2.0?

Get ready, folks, because Dogechain is about to level up in a big way. With the community giving the green light, Dogechain is packing its bags and moving to the Polygon CDK neighborhood. This means Dogechain 2.0 will be powered by some seriously cool tech – we’re talking zk-proofs and all sorts of zkEVM goodness.

But don’t worry, the OG Dogechain PoS blockchain isn’t going anywhere just yet. It’ll still be around to support users and builders while Dogechain 2.0 gets perfected. And guess what? Wrapped DOGE (WDOGE) will still be the gas that makes Dogechain 2.0 go vroom. So, you can keep your meme game strong while enjoying all the perks of a shiny new blockchain.

So all in all, 2024 is shaping up to be a wild year for the Dogechain crew. They’ll be hustling to get the new chain up and running, first on Testnet and then on Mainnet. So, buckle up, hold onto your DOGE, and get ready for Dogechain 2.0 – the zkEVM edition.

What is Dogechain zkEVM?

Dogechain isn’t content with just being another blockchain on the block. They’re taking things to the next level with Dogechain zkEVM, a Layer-2 network that uses zero-knowledge rollups to supercharge scalability and interoperability.

Dogechain zkEVM, a collaboration between Dogechain, Polygon, and Caldera, combines the best of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups to create a powerful Layer 2 scaling solution. By using ZK proofs for validating state transitions and maintaining EVM-equivalence, Dogechain zkEVM supports Ethereum’s features while offering faster, cheaper, and more scalable transactions.

Dogechain zkEVM isn’t just EVM-compatible – it’s EVM-equivalent. This means that most of the applications, tools, and infrastructure built on Ethereum can be ported over to Dogechain zkEVM with minimal fuss.

Developers can seamlessly deploy their smart contracts, tools, and wallets on Dogechain zkEVM with minimal changes, benefiting from the security of Ethereum and the vibrant developer community. With Polygon CDK’s transaction data availability and upcoming Gas customization feature, users can even use Dogecoin as gas, bringing more utility to the Dogecoin ecosystem.

Dogechain zkEVM’s EVM-equivalence enables easy porting of Ethereum applications and infrastructure, eliminating the need for code changes or additional audits. This compatibility, combined with the scalability benefits of ZK rollups, positions Dogechain zkEVM as a game-changer in the Layer 2 space, offering developers an enhanced user experience and limitless exploration possibilities.

CoolWallet: The Top Dogechain Hardware Wallet

We’ve got some exciting news for all you Dogechain fans out there. CoolWallet, the leading cold storage wallet, now supports Dogechain on Polygon! This means you can store, manage, and transact your DOGE and DC tokens with top-notch security such as an EAL6+ secure element, biometric verification, encrypted Bluetooth and more, all wrapped up in a sleek and wafer-thin, tamperproof and waterproof casing.

With CoolWallet’s offline cold storage, your Dogechain assets will be safe and sound from hackers and thieves. Plus, our CoolWallet App‘s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate the Dogechain ecosystem.

The Dogechain Ecosystem: A Trio of Tokens (DOGE, wDOGE, and DC)

At the heart of the Dogechain ecosystem are three tokens that each perform a crucial role: DOGE, wDOGE, and DC. 

  • DOGE is the OG memecoin that we all know and love
  • To use your DOGE on Dogechain, you’ll need to wrap it up into wDOGE
  • The DC token is Dogechain’s native currency for governance (through veDC), staking, and paying gas fees. it has a maximum token supply of 200 billion tokens and a market cap is $27 million. However, the fully diluted value (FDV) of $190 million. 

The Dogechain ecosystem is exploding as well, with dozens of new dapps launching on it thanks to its unique benefits and meme clout. There’s so much to choose from and do, so check it out.

Bridging the Gap: Connecting Dogechain to the World

One of the coolest things about Dogechain is how easy it is to move your assets around. With the help of bridges like Synapse Protocol and Chainport, you can seamlessly convert your DOGE into wDOGE and start exploring the Dogechain ecosystem.
But wait, there’s more! Thanks to its EVM compatibility, Dogechain can connect with other blockchain networks like Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Avalanche with ease. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for cross-chain collaboration and liquidity.


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Building on Dogechain: A Developer’s Dream Come True

If you’re a developer, you’re going to love building on Dogechain. Its EVM compatibility means you can port over your existing Ethereum dapps with ease. Plus, with the upcoming Polygon 2.0 integration, you’ll be able to tap into even more cross-chain goodies.

Dogechain is already home to a bunch of cool dapps, from DeFi platforms like QuickSwap and Frax Finance to NFT marketplaces and blockchain games. The possibilities are endless!

How Dogechain Staking Works

If you want to earn some passive income while supporting the Dogechain network, staking is the way to go. Platforms like DappRadar make it super easy to stake your DC tokens and earn rewards.

By joining a staking pool and delegating your tokens, you’ll be helping to keep the network secure while earning some sweet DC on the side. It’s a win-win!

What’s Next For DogeChain?

Dogechain has a bright future ahead of it. With the upcoming Polygon 2.0 integration and the power of zkEVM, Dogechain is poised to become a major player in the Layer-2 space.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Dogechain community is a passionate bunch, and they’re actively shaping the future of the project. From building cutting-edge dapps to participating in governance, the community is the driving force behind Dogechain’s success.

Wrap Up

Dogechain is more than just another blockchain project – it’s a game-changer for the Dogecoin community. By bringing DeFi, NFTs, and other cool features to DOGE, Dogechain is unlocking a whole new world of possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the Dogechain ecosystem, start staking your DC tokens, and join the community that’s shaping the future of this exciting project. And don’t forget to check out CoolWallet for the ultimate in secure Dogechain storage.

To stay up to date on all things Dogechain, be sure to follow their social media channels on Twitter (X), join the community forums, and keep an eye on their official website. There’s certainly a lot coming next!

Dogechain Official Site: https://dogechain.dog/
Dogechain Discord: https://discord.com/invite/e9TQwwmF79
Dogechain Twitter: https://twitter.com/dogechainfamily
Dogechain Telegram: https://t.me/DogeChainOfficial

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