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Our Favorite Comedian Jim Jefferies Owns Bitcoin

Elon Musk owning some Bitcoin may not surprise many people seeing as how he’s literally launching cars into space. Of all celebrities to own the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, he would probably be the one you first think of. However, it has been recently reported that our favorite Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies, also owns some of that sweet, sweet BTC. What also doesn’t surprise us is that he bought it all for a laugh

How much BTC does Jim Jefferies own?

It was during a brief segment in his podcast, “I Don’t Know About That”, that Jim revealed that he owns somewhere around 1 BTC, around $9,612 worth according to him. His podcast revolves around his staff selecting discussion topics that the comedian knows little to nothing about. Jim mentioned that he “bought bitcoin as a bit of a laugh just to see what crypto is all about.” 

Jim Jefferies announces on his podcast, I Don’t Know About That, that he owns approx. 1 BTC.

Did Jim really just purchase BTC as a joke? Does he really not know anything about cryptocurrency? That’s something we’ll never truly know. If his style of comedy is any indication though, we’re fairly certain that he knows what he’s doing. Jim’s whole shtick on gun control in the US is what got us hooked on his ‘average joe’ personality and comedic delivery.

If you haven’t watched it, we highly recommend that you do. It’s both highly entertaining and honestly, very well thought out logically. The way he can make the complexity of a certain subject into a humorous and highly digestible bit is not something the ‘average joe’ can easily do. Let’s just say that we believe that Jim knows what he’s doing! 

What celebrities own crypto?

Jim isn’t the only celebrity that has dipped their feet into crypto. Elon Musk, unsurprisingly, owns some digital dollars as previously mentioned. Another one of our favorite comedians, Bill Burr, has also mentioned that he was curious about it. Sengelagese-American singer, Akon, is building a whole city in Africa with his own crypto as its currency. Yes, we said a whole city. Seeing public figures purchase crypto certainly brings more publicity to the community. 

Mr. Jefferies purchased his crypto through the Robinhood app and apparently, keeps his investments there. While that does make us a little uncomfortable, it does give us hope that his celebrity status will further bring crypto into the mainstream. Let’s just hope that Jim’s staff brings up the topic of hardware wallets and keeping your crypto in cold storage *cough* CoolWallet S – in a future episode! 

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