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Blockaid Partnership Enhances CoolWallet’s Web3 Smart Scan Security

CoolWallet is thrilled to announce a partnership with Blockaid, a leading web3 security provider. This partnership elevates the safety of our users by incorporating Blockaid’s advanced security into CoolWallet’s Smart Scan feature, offering a new level of protection against digital threats.

CoolWallet & Blockaid

Blockaid: A Shield Against Malicious Activities

This collaboration with Blockaid marks a significant advancement in safeguarding our users from scams, phishing, and hacks. Blockaid’s cutting-edge security solutions proactively prevent malicious transactions, bringing tranquility to the digital wallet experience.

Revolutionized Smart Scan for Superior Safety

Our Smart Scan feature has been significantly bolstered by integrating Blockaid’s technology. Their dApp scanning technology enables users to critically assess the trustworthiness of DApps and transaction partners, providing immediate alerts to mitigate fraud risks. This ensures a secure and confident interaction within the crypto space.

Enhanced Smart Scan

Advanced Warning System in Web3 Exploration

Enhancements to Smart Scan mean users navigating DApps through CoolWallet’s web3 browser are now automatically warned about phishing threats. The protection also extends to  transactions, which are validated, alerting users about malicious entities or dubious target addresses.

Safeguarding Your Assets

Smart Scan’s extended capabilities now include warnings for users attempting to add questionable tokens to their CoolWallet. This added layer of security is crucial in preventing interactions with high-risk assets, safeguarding your investment.

Securing Your Assets, Our Top Priority

At CoolWallet, enhancing security is at the core of our innovation. With our latest partnership with Blockaid, we reinforce our unwavering commitment to protecting your digital assets. As we evolve, ensuring the safety of your investments remains our foremost priority, always keeping your security at the forefront of our advancements.

About Blockaid

Blockaid, a leading security web3 security provider, partnered with Coolwallet to stop malicious transactions before they happen, protecting users from scams, phishing, and hacks.

Proactive threat detection finds emerging threats as soon as they come online, and Blockaid’s network of transaction data means that when a threat is detected anywhere in web3, users are protected everywhere.


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