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CoolWallet and KEKKAI Bring Advanced Web3 Transaction Security to Dapps

CoolWallet, the leading crypto hardware wallet brand for Web3 and DeFi users, is proud to announce an important new strategic partnership with KEKKAI, an innovative Japan-based Web3 blockchain analytics and security platform. This latest integration boosts our extensive security features that make our hardware wallets CoolWallet Pro and S and CoolWallet APP hub the safest and most convenient retail cold storage solutions on the market. 

The alliance between our two Web3 security firms aims to enhance the safety and security of users’ DApp interactions through real-time safety analytics, which is a critical step in combating the rising tide of crypto scams and malicious activities afflicting crypto owners worldwide.

The Web3 landscape is continually evolving, and with it, the risks. In 2022, the total annual loss due to crypto scams nearly tripled that of the previous year, reaching a staggering $3.8 billion. Scammers have been masquerading online and offline as well-known DApp or NFT project owners or creating fake DApp or NFT projects, leading unsuspecting users into fraudulent transactions.

CoolWallet and KEKKAI to leverage collective Web3 security expertise

CoolWallet and KEKKAI are committed to addressing these fraudulent activities by raising the security level of user transactions. The partnership leverages both companies’ hardware and software expertise to provide real-time alerts and safeguards against potential fraud risks. This integration allows users to identify and assess the trustworthiness of DApps associated with transaction counterparts, thereby ensuring a safer and more secure environment for users to interact with DApps confidently.

The Advanced Transaction Analysis feature in the CoolWallet App is designed to enhance the security of DApp interactions by automatically analyzing smart contract transactions. It scans both the transaction counterparty (DApp) and the transaction details to detect any anomalies or irregularities. This feature provides clear visibility of transaction details on the “Transaction Confirmation” page, reducing the risk of fraud and deception.

About CoolWallet

CoolWallet is a pioneering hardware wallet brand that offers a secure and convenient solution for storing and managing digital assets in the Web3, DeFi, and NFTs arenas. Our flagship product, the CoolWallet Pro, is a credit card-sized device that combines the security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a mobile device. With its unique design and advanced security features such as an EAL6+ secure element, biometric verifications, and military-grade Bluetooth encryption, CoolWallet is committed to providing a safe and user-friendly platform for crypto users worldwide. 


Established in 2023, KEKKAI is a Web3 security company dedicated to enhancing user security in the Web3 world. KEKKAI recently launched a Web3 security plug-in based on transaction simulation analysis and an API service that can simulate NFT transactions and detect fraudulent activities. With a mission to “make Web3 peaceful”, KEKKAI is committed to optimizing its existing services and introducing new Web3 security products based on market demand, aiming to bring positive impacts to the entire industry environment.

For more information, please visit www.coolwallet.io and www.kekkai.io.


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