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User Testimonial: “My Go-To For My Crypto On The Go” -@Bergh44

CoolWallet fan Ryan Bergh not only won a customized CoolWallet S, he’s giving it away on Twitter to a lucky follower this Friday! Ryan also left us a great review on why CoolWallet S is his favorite hardware wallet. Read on!

Here at CoolBitX we absolutely love our supporters and their passion for the CoolWallet S and crypto in general. Once in a while though, a member of our community just stands out.

Meet Ryan Bergh (Twitter: @bergh44).

Back in August, Ryan won a customized CoolWallet S as part of our 2 Year Anniversary celebrations. .


As a huge CoolWallet S (and XYO) fan, Ryan decided to pay it forward and put his prize up for grabs in his very own competition on Twitter!

The competition ends this Friday, so you can still enter to win this one-of-a-kind CoolWallet S with a personal message of “Your crypto is safe with me” on it!

Click here or on his tweet below and follow the easy steps!


Ryan also gave us a personal and honest review of his CoolWallet S.

Here’s Ryan’s CoolWallet S Review:

CoolWallet S is my go-to for my Crypto on the go!

I first heard of the CoolWallet S in May of this year. I was interested in ordering one, but placed an order with a different company which gave me one as part of my purchase! When it arrived, it came sealed and tamper-proof so there was no concern of having received the hard wallet from a 3rd Party.

The unboxing experience was a good one. Quality packaging included the wallet, charger, cord, several recovery seed cards, a quick-start guide and stickers.

While the linking and setup process was simple, it was a bit different from the other hard-wallets I have experience with. Instead of seed words, CoolBitX uses a number sequence instead. Very cool.

Ever since I completed the setup, I have been using this as my regular go-to wallet. I also have a Trezor, a Ledger Nano, and Ledger X, but the convenience and portable nature of the CoolWallet prevails as my favorite.

” CoolWallet prevails as my favorite” Source: Ryan Bergh

The added Exchange function which uses Changelly is one of my favorite resources offered with the wallet and app.

I have not experienced any glitches, connectivity issues, or problems of any kind with my CoolWallet S. Works great every time! Review by @bergh44

Thanks for your unbiased review and generosity Ryan. We hope your CoolWallet S prize finds a great home!

CoolWallet Team

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